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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Shenandoah Mountain 100

We are back from a killer weekend down in Harrisonburg, Va. and yes this Bi-atch has some killer aches and pains. Fan, it was an awesome event. Chris and his crew put on an amazing festival that included 500+ racers. Not to be out of character I rolled up to the starting line with about a minute to spare and to see how deep the field went back was quite impressive and intimating as I got to line up on the front row. WOW!!!

The race...

We took off with little warning which was a little confusing especially since the moto guy's also weren't ready nor did they have their bikes running, oops! I hit the first climb near the front with Gunnar being the only other single speeder in front of me. Now fan you know I believe 7am is only good for sleeping or going to bed so I was not feeling that great going up the first climb at all. My stomach was all twisted and my HR was off the charts but surprisingly I had "legs" so I was able to chug along keeping Gunnar in sight.

After about an hour I finally woke up and began to feel right which was good as I had a race on my hands. Gunnar was up the road a bit and I found myself amongst 7 or 8 of fastest single speed guys around. Gaps were made and bridged for the first 40 miles. After checkpoint #3 I jumped on the wheel of some fast geared guys on this long stretch of road and got a pretty good gap then set my sights on bridging up to Gunnar. I set tempo up the "soul crusher" climb with some tough geared guys and as I crested the top JR let me know I was only 4 minutes behind the old man. Ahh yeh, it was on and time to bury myself chasing. I dropped my geared chum's and the chase began...until flat number 1 around mile 77. I fixed it fast and got passed only by one geared guy. Refocused and determined I began the chase in earnest. Twenty two minutes later another flat, ugh! This one didn't change as smoothly, I was frustrated and shit Rich "dicky" Dillen a fast SS kid caught me. Now I was in third and I was pretty darn tired to have to go chase down two people but I did. I passed Dicky and got about a minute gap on him but decided to stop at the last aid station so I could get an extra tube and to use the floor pump as my CO2 didn't work so well. Dicky and I went over the last mountain together sharing stories while keeping each other honest. I got a gap on him through the last rocky section and then the finish, ouch!!!

Cresting "Soul Crusher"

It was an amazing day of racing with some serious elevation gain. Riding up those mountains on the single speed has taken its toll on my poor lil legs and knee's. I am useless as we speak fan. I have to say I am impressed with all the hardy souls that participated. As I was chilln' licking my wounds and sipping some tasty ale around 9pm folks were still coming in with their lights bright and their smiles brighter. That was awesome and what this event is all about for so many, seeing what you can do with your abilities. Sometimes we macho "elite" racer lose sight of that as we are too busy looking to beat this guy or gal or this or that...blah blah type A shit.

Happy Tired Couple

I am hurting today but I will be back next year pho-sure!!! I was able to muster up the strength to do a 20 minute spin, my legs are happy but my booty and the adjoining parts are not.

Happy, happy, joy,joy!!!

Team Bi-atch Results
Betsy: 3rd: mega flats
Gunnar: 1st SS 15th overall and still old as coal
Me, Chris: 2ndSS 19th overall, 2 flats


Shout out and stuff:

1. Chris Scott, Shenandoah Mountain Touring and the whole crew: you treated us all so great

Thanks Chris

2. JR for coming out to cheer us on.

3. Gunnar great ride.

4. And to all that rode. Whether you did a sub 8 hour ride or made it in after 14 hours we all did it and that is the important thing.

Ahh alas, the marathon's are over for the season. One more serious WVMBA race then it's business casual for a few weeks until cross. And if cross does not go well early on well then it will be a business casual cross season too.

As always...
Get out there ride, have fun and ride some more. It is cathartic ya know...better then _______ I have heard.


gwadzilla said...

fricken impressive!


if it were not for that old man you would have been standing tall on the podium

then again

if it were not for that old man...
well... who knows
you may have another Yoda giving you guidance to take your life in a different direction

Matt! said...

Well said about the race. It was a great place to spend the weekend. Congrats on a killer time.

Joey and Mandi said...

Way to go gentlemen and lady. Representing for the WVSS club. Looks to me like the nightclub crew you have slept till noon. When is The Tahoe race?