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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mountain State Road Classic! (again)

We are certainly sorry to hear that Goose is down and out. Hang in there, Goose. I wouldn't worry about the muffin tops too much.

Meanwhile, things are just swell here in W-bG-V. Look how giddy we all were on Sunday at the state RR championships! It was a right jolly old time.

Just look how happy all these folks are!

gunnar's happy because he won again.

Bunny's happy because she has tough grrrls to race with (Laura and Siera).

Kyle, 40 + state champ and happy he didn't use his 9 speed wheel on his 10 speed drivetrain equipped bike.

Josh, fellow NIOSH employee and happy he didn't hit the mailbox last Wed.

I don't even know who this guy is, but he sure looks happy about something. (editor's note- he's a acquaintance/buddy from my old home town, Clearfield PA, and he shows up to a few WVMBA races now and again. Or course he's happy!)

Siera's Dad flew in from California on the red-eye and jumped right on a bike (and finished!) Way to go, Dad!

Even Killer is happy, chewing on some old socks.

So, folks, the road season draws to a close. Many thanks to the folks that made it happen, including, but not limited to: JR Petsko, Thad and Sarah Kelley, Mike Holt, Mike Miller, Ryan Post, and all you who came out and raced!
Some good suffering was certainly inflicted during these road races, and that's the way we like it.

Actually written by Bunny...

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