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Sunday, November 1, 2009

09 MTB Season--it's a wrap!!

09' Cross action

Welp fan, we are sorry for the bloging delay. All them 100 milers left us tired and with little rest, we jump head first into the cross season.

The 09’ MTB was certainly a hoot. We all had some hefty goals with a crazy and packed schedule—chasing the 100 miler NUE Series and the beloved WVMBA series. Things started way back in April with a trip to Tennesse for the Cohutta 100. Things did not play out as any of us had hoped but things were not too bad either. We regrouped and kept on trucking with our heads high and the beer cold`. Bunny had a near flawless season winning nearly everything she entered. The Old Man had a slow start but put together some stellar performances once June hit. And me, Chrissy, had a pretty good year until I didn’t. Ahh, things went down hill quickly once August hit. But in the end, Team Bi-atch had a great time spreading the cycling love, living in our tents or our vans and trying to be merry whether we were on the top step or on a few occasions DFL/DNF.

So now fan, with close to 50 races each down we are all rested and hitting up some badass Eastcoast Cross action. Bunny, Jackie, Gunny and JRie are hold things down in WV, PA and Ohio. While MikeyY, Baby Bi-atch and I are bumping elbows in the MABRA and MAC land. We are all having a hoot playing in the mud and drooling on our top tubes. So get out there too and ride your bike.

Check out this silliness out. ..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HHCbf6zuDc

Big Ole thanks…

-Uncle Matt, Uncle Rob and all the good folks at Cannondale that make us feel “oh so pro” even though we are old, fat and slow.


-JR and his lovely wife Gina

-my BFF Jackie—always making me/us feel loved after each race

- and to all that come out to suffer, swap stories and enjoy “da Lyfe”. Whether you are a macho “oh so Pro” or a beginner it all hurts the same.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wilderness 101

It was 1990, the summer between my sophomore and junior year of HS. I had been BMX/freestyling my whole life and just competed in my first couple of MTB races. Vision Street wear shorts and high top Vans were my kits of choice back then. After a few races of getting spanked I began to compete for the overall as a 16 year old punk BMX junior that looked like a skater. How cool, right??

It was at this time I began reading, asking and getting unsolicited advice on how to “train” and get fast. I received an overload of information most of which I dismissed but the one thing I knew was I needed to ride on the road. I was working at shop but spent all my savings on my Schwinn Paramount MTB ride so I had no green for a roadie yet.

Luckily, my pops had been an avid roadie (even raced some) my whole life and had a sweet ass Reynolds Tubing hand-built Trek with 6-spd Campy Nuevo Record (my grocery getter now infact) with tubies. It was also at this time I heard about the elusive century that racers and recreational riders always talked about. I figured that would be what I needed to do…often!! I was a freestyling punk that had been in 5-6 MTB races and had maybe completed 100 miles total on my Paramount. But hell, I was determined to get fast and to do this century thing. So one Saturday after dad got home from a morning ride I asked if I could borrow his Trek. He was hesitant but he knew I had a fire in my belly that needed to be extinguished so he agreed. Off I went, Vision shorts, borrowed pops wooden sole cycling shoes (Duwegies SP), one bottle, no food, no money, no pump, no tube, and this was pre-cell days. I dumped it in the hardest gear I could turn and hammered away….around 70 miles in I was so light headed and dehydrated I was pretty sure I was going to die but I had read articles about Eddie M. and other Euro roadies suffering to new extremes so I figured this is what I had to do too. I was far from home, a little lost and in retrospect probably in a very dangerous physical place too. I continued to push as hard of a gear as I could—youthful stupidity, an always tenacious spirit and determination to be a “bike racer” kept me going. This was my first experience with the “bonk”--it is such a horrible feeling that leaves you near powerless to do anything but I persevered and never stopped once. I rolled in after dark with 104 miles on the odometer completed, mom was worried about me and how I looked and pops was concerned about his bike. I looked and felt like death. I ate for an hour straight, fell asleep in the clothes I rode in, slept 14 hours, woke on Sunday and did it all over again. This is what I did every weekend for next few months. I probably completed more centuries during that period then all other of my centuries combined.

That next summer (91’) I competed in the very first Wilderness 101 at age 16. They almost did not let me enter being so young and all but I convinced them and I think I got 5th and went back the following two years getting a 4th and a 15th—I forget what order.

So here we are some 18 years later and my life seems to be in a vacuum. I ride a lot, race 100 miles on my mountain bike, I have no girlfriend and have worse game then I did back in 91 and sadly I still experience the “bonk” from time to time. Sadly, I experienced it twice at this years addition of the Wilderness 101 mixed with 4 flats. Yes fan, the 09 Wilderness was disappointing for Chrissy.

Race snap shot:

Start to aid station #1: feeling like crap for the first hour, could not climb at all, had fun with BunnyAid Station #1-#2: Bunny and I caught approx.5th-15th in the SS class, I was beginning to feel better, until I didn’t, Bunny along with 5-6 SSers dropped me but I chugged away.

Aid Station #2-#3: I fell completely apart—the “bonk” I have not experienced one like this since back in the day, had to stop for 15 minutes, regrouped, started catching back on.

Aid station #3-#4: shit talked with Tomi and JP, feeling ok, new goal get in under 9hrs (in 08’ I was 8h8min), flat #1, got passed a lot, jumped on with Cheryl, started feeling like a fast guy again

Aid Station #4-#5: climbed out station 4 like a champ, caught many folks, started thinking maybe a top 10 in SS after all, flat #2, #3 and 4, fire is gone, “bonk” again, I cry.

Aid Station #5-finish: cry, rally, cry some more.

A disappointing day indeed but I still have that never quit youthful tenacity so I will live to fight another day.

Team wrap up:

Bunny: got star struck by Hippy Sue and was out sprinted for 2nd leaving her with 3rd. She still seemed very stoked. Beat Gunnar and I too.

Gunnar: unraveled in the latter half ending up 9th SS 40 something over all-disappointed

Chrissy: 21st SS 60 something overall-very disappointed.

JR: finished his 1st 100 miler. We are very proud of our big buddy.

Next up Big Bear Ultra (50 miler) followed by Fools Gold 100 down in Georgia.

It was a fun weekend even with the disappointment. Chris Scott and his crew rock, big ole thanks.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yes, we have been racing...

Welp fan, we have been racing every weekend since April so we have been too busy to write much. We all are riding well. One of us, Chrissy, keeps having endless bad luck! Stupid flats. Well, that's racing and ain't nuttn' you can do about it other then keep your head up and ignore your DS's criticism(Remember your luck last year sir?). We all got some wins and many podiums so yippy!!! The WVMBA series is a nail biter for all of us. Bunny is leading the ladies but Cassie S. is keeping her honest, Gunnar has 2nd in the P/ex but is hardly comfortable and could grab 1st and Chrissy finds himself in a similar place as the oldman in the SS. Are we ruining are chances by chasing the NUE series for the next month? Maybe, but its all good cuz it is all fun. So get out there too!!!

See ya at the 101 this weekend. Check it fan, we got a little press.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday at Wakefield: training race series

Bunged up the SS race.
Passing for third....said on your left...he came left...boom bam ouch.
Back to 6th, chased...every one knows the local lines since this is the 4th week..chase some more.
Back to 4th with 3rd and 2nd in my grasp.
Down hard real hard...rung my bell, some good flesh lost and a burped tyre.
DNF SS: back to the van to fix the tyre proper before the p/ex
Less excitement in the p/ex.
Need an 18T to compete: Upper mid pack.
Good training and FUN!!!!
Thanks Potomac Velo it was a hoot!!!

Ran into Harlan: East Coast fast endurance dude and all around nice guy.
He has been asked to represent the US in Austria for marathon worlds.
Super cool.
USAC won't pay for anything including his jersey....USAC SUCKS!!!
Congrats Harlan!!!!

Had a burrito at Chipotle.
Got asked what team I play for by a nice gay gentlemen.
I am dirty and bloody and I still get hit on by gay guys....CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
The bright side, gay guys are typically fit and good looking.
So I must be fit and good looking.
At least I have that going for me.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Welp fan, the team has been sweeping the podium all over the country this past weekend.

The Shogren’s are down in Lou-ville, Ky for road Natz. And I am happy to report that after three attempts they have won the Stars and Stripes in the tandumb race. Yippee, NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some late breaking news: Gunnar got 6th in his age grade race today (June 30). Great job team!!!!!! Check it...youtube interview

The rest of the team—JR, MikeyY and I…Chrissy tackled the Visitpa.com MTB festival up near Harrisburg, Pa. I am still deciding, but it may have been the hardest single day of riding and racing I have ever done. Two wins in two days though…yippee!!! Friday night was a wicked fun Night TT. I under estimated the distance but still won SS-Solo and 6ish Solo overall. MikeyY and his Teammate Wes S. got 2nd Duo while JR snapped some shots. Saturday was the real test. 9hr SS-Solo for myself, 9hr Solo for JR and Mike was doing Duo with Wes. It was a 8 mile killer loop. 95% of the course was single-double track that was incredibly twisty and slow with no less then 20 logs to bunny hop every lap. I had a horrible first two laps do to stomach cramps but after a 5 minute porta-john break things went well and off I went. I suffered at new levels and found a new pain locker to play in. JR rode like a champ and did his longest MTB ride. Not bad for a Clydesdale that just stopped smoking last year...you rock JR!!!
So the weekend wrap up….RESULTS
MikeyY: 2nd Duo
Chrissy: 1st SS-Solo 6ish Solo
MikeyY: 2nd Duo 12hours
JR: 25th 9hr Solo
Me, Chrissy: 1st 9hr SS solo 4th 9hr Solo overall 9h51min, 10 laps, 80 miles and bunny hopped 100+ logs

I am pretty darn tuckered out. Time for some R&R with the family.

And a big ole' thanks goes out to Mike Kuhn, his family and the Visitpa.com crew--we were treated great and the event kicked booty. I'll put this one on the 10' schedule for sure.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A boy and his dog: Appalachian Classic WVMBA #5

Welp fan, if you were not one of thousand adoring fans lining the course this weekend at the Appalachian Classic (WVMBA#5) you certainly missed out. A time trail, bike polo, short track followed up on Sunday with a wicked hard yet super duper fun cross country race. A cornucopia of cycling pleasure by-golly.

I was feeling a little tired from the 24Hours of Big Bear and perhaps a little not-so-mid-season-yet-mid-season fatigue so I decided to skip the TT and just do the short track Saturday. It was a blast with a mix of fast SS and geared guys duking it out. It aint racing unless you are rubbing ya know and that is what short track is all bout’, yes sir. I rode ok, had a Kool-aid-grin ear to ear underneath that drool and ended up fifth. Short track racing is hard especially when you are lacking some of that top end gitty-up, which I am.

The Shogren’s headed up the Lumberjack in Michigan so I was running solo this weekend minus the company of BFF Jackie. She and I had a sweet little camping spot all nice, quiet and to ourselves. The solitude of the forest allowed for some nice Chrissy yoga and meditation, Buddha would be smiling. And BFF Jackie had many critters to smell and cool holes to dig. We were happy, it was a good day!

Sunday’s cross country went well. I was a little concerned 'bout my legs or lack of them, as it seemed as though I left them last weekend at Big Bear. I hit the woods around 6th overall and 1st SS. Scott Root, a master on a SS, and Morgan Miller (2nd SS) were breathing down my neck as the gear’d fellars started to pull away. Scott and I took turns at the front eventually gapping youngster Morgan. Scott and I duked it out in what was quite the nail-biter from my point of view. He was kicking my ass on the climbs both pedaling and running while I was stronger on the flats and on the technical stuff. By the start of lap 3 he had gapped me pretty good. Ugh!! But ahh yeh, I spotted him on the long road climb and buried myself to bridge up . DROOL!!! Shoot, he hit the woods about 10 seconds ahead of me so I let it all hang out through the stream bed—rock garden. Alas the last muddy hike-a-bike…Scott is walking so I begin a hard run. He glances back, does an incredulous double-take, and begins to run too. He crested and hopped on his bike while I still had a few more running strides to go…eekk…Morgan is at the bottom of the climb too. A 1 ½ -2 mile drag race ensues. Drool and lactate acid is ah-plentiful. Scott gets me by 10 seconds and the corrupted Night Club youngster Morgan came in less then a minute behind. Good work guys--it was a fun battle. And I do believe I am finally seeing last years fitness showing, about time!!!

The Appalachian Classic is the kind racing event that brought most of us into this sweet lifestyle. Boat loads of hard racing that is topped by boat loads more of fun. Grassroots and pretty dang sweet. Thanks JR!!!

The team is parting ways again this weekend. The Shogren’s are hitting Road Natz while JR and I will be meeting up with Bi-atch-at-large MikeyY in Pa. for a VisitPa.com 9 hour racing epic. See ya out there fan.

Chrissy 1st SS and 6th Pro/ex, yippee….win #3 for the season and time to retire.
Betsy 1st at the Lumberjack (almost beat Gunnar again)
Gunnar 5th SS and more shitty luck (and almost got beat by Bunny again)

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

24 Hours of Big Bear (WV)

Welp fan, the WVMBA Dream Team (s) pulled it off yet again in 09. The ladies won the women's Pro/Ex class and got 6th overall and we boys took 1st in Pro/ex and 1st overall by a small 18 minute margin. It was a hard fight but it was a hoot.

The 24-Hours of Big Bear, in some ways, is the OG of 24 hour racing format. It is no longer in Davis but it is still in West “by god”. And yes, our Director Sportif, Gunnar, did that OG race while his lovely bride was still in elementary school (ed. she was almost out of HS). I do believe there is a pic kicking around on FB. I’ll have to look into that. So thanks Laird for starting this wacky and hard racing format.

So the race…

I picked the short straw or something and got to do the first lap run, yippee!! Off we went. I got to my bike around 20th and hit the trails on my bike around 10th. I found my mark, Benji (a fellow fast single speeder), just up the trail and off I went. 

Benji, Goose, Cassie getting ready to kick some booty

I was riding well but not stellar. I “burped” my tire twice, Big-Aired it quick and took a very hard crash all of which probably added 1-2 minutes to my 1st lap time. I did come in 11 seconds behind the 1st guy in our class and somewhere near the top ten overall. Not bad considering the mishaps. My big concern was my swollen knee….and off Gunnar went for lap #2.

We all rode pretty solid and consistent for the whole event. The boys from Kansas City (Star Spangled Bangers) who were in our class and the WV Night Club (a 5 man just for fun team) boys kept us on our toes for the full 24 hours with the KC boys creeping to an inch or 6 minutes of us in the wee-hours of the AM. Most of their team was equal to or a little slower then us, but man this one dude Cameron Chambers was putting in some crazy fast lap times every lap. It was rather impressive and frustrating.

Gunnar "Older than Dirt", Steve Heeel and Nate-Dog rode like champions— all A+ game, consistent and strong. I, on the other hand, gave a 100% but I am afraid I came up a little short and only brought my B or maybe B+ game. Whether it was the lingering illness from the week before or whether I only just rode “ok” not “stellar" which is required when others are relying on you, who knows. Maybe it was bringing a knife to a gun fight—a single speed against Pro geared guys. My laps were 2-3 minutes slower then I feel they should have been. My body was not responding to the efforts like it normally can and I was pretty sure Gina and JR weren’t gunna let me go out on my last lap (#5) because I looked so bad. And I am pretty sure I felt worse then I looked but I knew once I was on my bike I could get the job done. I dug deep and left everything I had out on the trail, taking many risks on the rocks, climbing hard and running all the SS-hike-a-biking on that final lap, losing little time, and giving Gunnar plenty of time to fix his two final lap flats with little concern.


The ladies team rode flawless from all the accounts I heard by the campfire. Their lap times were just as fast as most of the elite men's and they looked puurrrty doing it. Well done, ladies. Bunny may have to elaborate.

Robbie L., our wrench, did some sweet ass bicycle magic on the boys' bikes and Tim R. did a killer job keeping the ladies running smooth. And we all relied heavily on Dan C., Jeff S., Collin, Chad L. ,Robbie's Dad Steve, and the other Schooley VIP suite loiterers that kept our morale up and got us to the starting line on time. Whether they were tired and/or drunk (or ingesting HAPPY Harrisonburg brownies) they all did a killer job. Big thanks!!

Other Team Bi-atch notables is JR with his merry band of big boys crushing literally and figuratively all the clydesdale competition. Awesome job JR and Smokin' Fatties!!

As usual the WVMBA regulars proved once again that they are some of the hardiest MTBing souls around.

WVMBA regulars highlights:
- WVMBA Dream Team Women 1st Pro/6th overall
- WVMBA Dream Team Men 1st P/ex men 1st overall
- WV Night Club: 2nd overall 1st 5 person SS something or other
- Waite Brothers and Pittsburgh Pro (times 2): 1st-3rd Duo/pro
- Old man Vernon, Matt M. Matt R. and Scott R.: 1st 45+, 10th overall and beat the 35+’s
- Chrissy B. Pittsburgh Pro 2nd Solo female
- JR and his crew: 1st Big Boy’s
- Cougars and Cubs
- And many more

Shout outs and big ole thanks:
- Biggest thanks to JR and WVMBA for putting together this motley crew of characters for the two WVMBA Dream Teams
JR getting some lovin'

- Mark Schooley of Big Bear Lake and family for allowing us in the VIP “oh so pro”suite and treating us like family and “oh so pro”
- Robbie L., Steve L., Tim R., Collin, Chad L., Dan C., Jeff S. and all the others that helped and loitered with us fire-side
- Cheryl S., Cassie S., Sue H., Steve H. and Nate A. for joining with Team Bi-atch for this fun family affair…and winning
- The boys from KC: those guys are wicked fast and kept it interesting
- The WV Night Club: for being your bad selves
- Our Cannondale Factory mate Brandon G. crushing it in the solo class
- Laird and Grannygear
- And to all that came out to play. Whether you were in “it to win it” or just finish we all suffered together and it all hurts the same

Swappin' stories

Cool pics...

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Friday, June 5, 2009

HELP WANTED: 24 Hours of Big Bear

The WVMBA Dream Teams (Yes, still pretentious for us) are back for the 2009 24 Hours of Big Bear with a few modifications to the roster. And yes, we will be rocking up in the sweet “oh so pro” 5 star resort area again. That’s how we roll!!!!!!!

WVMBA Dream Team Ladies: Returning: Cassie “one fast momma” Smith and Betsy “out of a 2 week retirement” Shogren. The new additions Cheryl “the masher” Sornson and some newbie named Sue Haywood (We have googled her name for results but have not found any). JR seems to think she is fast.

WVMBA Dream Team men: Returning: Chrissy “one gear is enough” McGill. The new additions: Gunnar “older then coal” Shogren, Steve Hill and Nathan Annon.

HELP WANTED for all of us: Nanny: to wake us, lube our chains, cook and keep up the morale. Being good with kids is a must. Chrissy and Gunnar bicker a lot and are very child like.

for Chrissy only: someone who smells good, doesn’t eat a lot and can easily be carried. A “she” is preferred. A qualified candidate should be willing and able to tell him what a cycling stud he is even if she doesn’t mean it or he isn’t. Chain lubing, tube patching and being bi-lingual are a plus.

Please apply. Qualified applicants will be notified by Monday June 8th. We will be out of the office all weekend road racing and mountain bike racing.
Team Bi-atch/ByBc/ WVMBA Dream Team thank you for your consideration.

Buy Cannondale

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mohican 100: The Flat Tyre Festival

Well fan, this past weekend we hit the Mohican 100 in the sweet rolling hills of central Ohio. Some of the nation's heaviest hitters with and without gears were there to strut their stuff. It was truly impressive especially with a big NORBA/USAC race occurring on the same weekend here in the east. Garth and Ryan certainly put on one sweet ass event.

Rain, rain go away!!

Oatmeal and eggs bright and early at 5am and by golly my rear tyre was completely flat. Instead of taking the chance that the Stans would not reseal I slammed a tube in that bad boy and by 6:40 we were on the rail trail with 100’s of racers headed to Loundonville. It was a sweet little warm up and a nice way to work the jitters out.

Organized mess of a campsite.

7am and off we go!!! With a $200 KOM prime less then a mile into things we went out hard. I didn’t have great legs but I was next to the peeps I needed to be with. We hit the woods around three miles in and we would stay there for the next 30. How sweet it is that? 30 miles of super fast twisty wicked fun single track and I was with a group that made up 4-7(including Gunnar) in the SS field and we were probably in the top 30 overall…ahh yeh. Not too far in I passed Gunnar fiddling with his bike -- something he always seems to do at the start of these long races. Sadly, this would be the beginning of a long luckless day for the both of us. I hammered away making up good time. I was passing when I could, but enjoying the fast pace that the geared dudes were setting. Then Ugh, a hiss from the rear wheel, flat #2 for the day and #1 while actually in the race. I fixed it pretty quick but sadly got passed by at least 70-80 peeps. Off I went trying to make up the time I lost. I was doing good but the traffic was thick. Most were nice and let me by but a few put their elbows out so admittedly I made a few not-so-Kosher passes. I felt 4 to 5 warnings was enough? After a 25-30 minute chase I caught the group I was with when I flatted, sweet! It was a hard effort but well worth it. Then Ugh, a hiss from my rear wheel AGAIN!!! Quick fix and repeat the above. I have the same guys within view again with about 2 miles left in the woods and flat #4 for the day and #3 for the race, CRAP!! The fire in my belly was gone but I keep going. By mile 70 I began to pay for those efforts chasing but I hung tough, made the best of the day and had a blast.

Betsy caught me on the roads and she and I rode together for many miles. That was super cool. And she dragged my single speed butt down that hellish 10 mile stretch of very unfriendly SS rail trail. Thanks Bunny!!!! She finally had enough of me drafting her so she clicked down on them silly gears and dropped me like a bad habit. Go Bunny!!!

By mile 80 those post flat tyre chases had taken their effect on my lil’ legs and my head was no longer in it to win it. Then crap, Gunnar caught me. We rode tempo on the last 5-6 miles of road and exchanged stories of our crappy day. Gunnar wins: 3 flats, 3 broken spokes, patched tube, ½ mile run the WRONG way for a tube, ripped the top off his Big Ait and actually was in DFL as the Course Sweepers caught him. Then he decided to turn in the screws for the last 8 miles of trails. So off we went on a Team Bi-atch drag race through some fine single track. He got away, I caught him, he got away, I caught him then we hit the rail trail and I thought/hoped it was done. Wheelie contest for the placing sweet!!! NO, two more mean hike-a-bikes, some single track and one very sketchy down hill. He gapped me by about 45-50 seconds and then went after Betsy. With only 50 meters to go Gunnar was able to pass Betsy, smile, and let her take it in for the win (now whether or not Gunnar "let" her win, gave up, or Betsy "whooped" him good is up for much debate). All of Team Bi-atch finished with in 90 seconds of each other. And yes, Bunny girled us.
We all are riding well even with the abysmal placing Gunnar and I recorded. Stupid flats!!! Seven total for us both.

Bunny: 1st women and maybe top 40 overall
Gunny: 10th SS and maybe top 40 overall
Chrissy: 11th SS and maybe top 40 overall

Betsy has a great interview in Velonews and Gunnar got the best press of his storied career.

Up next, The Tucker County Road Race Saturday and the Hoo-Ha XXC Sunday and then the 24 Hours of Big Bear…and then….the Gypsy Lyfe until CX season. Don’t be jealous -- just get out there and do it.

Nars hit a pothole 3 days before the race.  :o(

Big Ole thanks and shout outs:
- Garth and Ryan the promoters
- Mohican Adventures for letting us racers loiter on your camp grounds
- Cannondale, Uncle Rob and Matt
- Mammy and Pappy Schauer for cheering and feeding us lots of yummy food
- Shelly Brautigam for taking care of Jackie during the race
- The nice fella that gave me that third tube
- And all that came out for the fun and challenge of it all

Tired BFF Jackie

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A single speed MTBer in the pro RFK crit..

Chrissy #276

Welp fan, Memorial Day weekend left us with out any off road racn'.
So I stayed in DC and doubled up down at the RFK crit, Masters and Pro1/2 stylie.
The Pro1/2 had a $10,000 purse so by-golly we had way too many non-day job pros there...ugh! That can only mean a whole lot butt kicking...done to me.
I stayed tough though.
I moved and shaked in the masters race but did not sprint.
Ahh come on, I race single speed mountain bikes 100 miles...I aint got no sprint!!!

Oh, I finally mtb rode on some DC area trails (it only took 4 years).
That handsome devil Roger M. and I headed out to Schaffers Farm in the Md. burbs.
Wicked fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gunnar did some crit in "Da Burg" and Bunny slept I think. And JR dug himself a big hole that he'll be climbing out of all season if he doesn't slow down.

I am headed to those country roads tomorrow to meet up with Bunny and the Director Sportiff.
Then off to the Mohican 100.
Wish us luck fan!!
Da lyfe begins.

May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Monday, May 18, 2009

WVMBA #3: Tour Dah Lake

Fan, this weekend we hit the dirt again for WVMBA #3 down at the Tour Dah Lake. We arrived on time and the race was delayed by 30 minutes so holy smokes we got to warm up. At 12:30 off we went and I hit the woods in 4th. SWEEET! I had one SS guy (Benji) in front of me, a few geared guys (which included Gunnar) got by, but I was feeling good so I kind of stayed with them, as they rode I ran up the muddy climb. About 3 miles in my rear tire "burped" but luckily the Stans seal worked, so with about 15 psi I kept motoring. I got around the 1st place SS (Benji) and found myself in 5th overall with only a few minute gap between me and the overall leaders. I had to stop 3 times to pump up my tire as it did continue to leak slowly, but I kept focused and continued the chase for the overall. The last ¾ of the race I spent alone hammering along. I rode hard and had a blast but never caught those silly geared boys. So, a 1st place SS and a 5th overall. Win number one for the season, yippy. Great times, a good pay out and some sweet trails pho-sho!!!


Gunnar battled in the front group of four and ended up 3rd, while Bunny got an early lead in front of some pretty fast ladies and walked away with the win, “girling” many boys in the process. We are all happy that she is out of retirement. And sickly JR beat up on the big boys. Good ride team!!!

It was a sweet weekend without spotting any turtles, but we did see a big ole Blackbear chilln' on RT79. Really, crazy I know.

In our future, a rest weekend with some road racing, the Mohican 100, Hoo-Ha Kenda Cup and the 24 Hours of Big Bear. Sweet!!!!

Some results

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A restful "off" weekend from racing, so why not do back to back crits!?!?

Well fan, it was a lovely “off” sort of past weekend. All the mountain bike race plans, three off them, were cancelled because of logistic issues or because of mother nature reaping complete hell on the trail conditions. One more weekend for this racing gypsy to sleep in his own bed was just dandy though.

But don’t fret fan, I scoured endlessly over the regional road racing calendars to find something to entertain ya and me. I headed up to the Fort Ritchie Crit in Somewhere, Maryland. Now I was expecting some ugly-suburb-monolithic-gross-industrial park setting but I was rather pleasantly surprised. After exiting the interstate I followed a rather picturesque babbling "crick" up to the gates of Fort Ritchie. The base it self aint so piteruresques but the mountains in the foreground….sweet!

The course was surprisingly pretty cool too. It was not some super macho down crit with crazy fast turns and swarming groupies but thank Buddha it was not some boring rectangle industrial park. It came complete with sixish turns, some S action, a fast hard back straight and Joe J. talking all sorts of mad smack on the P.A. My favorite, “ they are strung out like Lindsay Lohan on a Saturday night.”

In the attempt to always make myself suffer more then I need to, I decided to sign up for the Elite Masters and Elite race. Knowing that there is little chance for me to place in a crit, except in the off-chance I get in a break or the whole field crashes, I felt 2+ hours of a crit effort would replicate any effort I was missing by not racing the mountain bike this weekend. In fact, it would probably give me a better high end and speed work out. The Masters race went well I suppose. Some older pro-ish dudes from Harley got up the road, team time trialed, and lapped us. There was some grumbling in the pack as to why “proish” guys race in the Masters but hey whatever. If they are old enough so be it. Me pappy always says “you are only as fast as the company you keep” so getting your ass kicked will make you work harder next time. The masters races are always a mix bag of characters anyhow. From your pro’s or ex-pro’s to fit newbie cat 4’s that lack the pack skillz. The racing is always hard but always a little sketchy do to the mix of experience with an always endless number of gaps to fill and bridge. I did some moving and shacking but mostly was in it for the training. I sat up with a half a lap to go as a “single-speed ultra-endurance specialist” I ain't got no sprint nor do I want to mix it up for the 8th place glory. I have no wife or kids to impress.

I had an hour break before the Pro1/2 so I grabbed some food and drink and spun around for a bit. This race was full tilt from the gun, but in a way it was easier. We were constantly going harder; however, we never slowed in the turns making the accelerations out of turns a little easier. In the prior race, with the disparity in experience we’d fly into the corner brake hard and accerate equally as hard out. In this race I barely touched the brakes and only stood up coming out of the finish line turn. ..which brings me to the conclusion… With about 20 laps to go I started feel a cramping twitch forming in my right leg when standing while exiting said turn. Now in a MTB race or even a road race you can ease up shake it out…etc. But in a crit not so much. With 12 to go that baby was in full cramp mode. Now remember by this point I had been racing close to 2 hours too. I also started to get that funky pre-bonk fuzzy grey vision thing going on. And again no time to eat. So with 10 to go I felt it most prudent for the safety of myself and my fellow homies to pull out. And by that point over half the field was gone so that aint so bad. By days end I raced 63 miles in 2 hours. Yup, it hurt!! Not bad for some silly mountain biker…what what!!

Alas we hit the dirt this coming weekend. I was supposed to do a double header but sadly the 100k on Saturday has been cancelled due to lack of participants..come on guys/gals buck up-- a 100k won’t kill ya!!! We Bi-atchs will be hitting WVMBA #3, the Tour Dah Lake. Last year we showed up 45 minutes after the start because we were saving wayward graffiti turtles. Hopefully this year we will make the start. Lastly I hope I am riding well because I am way behind in points now after skipping round 2 and we will be skipping round 4 for the Mohican 100. So I need a good finish. See ya out there!!!!

Sorry still no photos.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Plan D: Has to work

Plan A: 12 Hours of Creek to Peak: Betsy, Gunnar and I in a 3 person pro team. Bunny had a mad scientist obligation that made the logistics difficult. Gunnar is old, frail and has an AARP obligation. We dipped out.

Plan A.5: Me going at it solo. I felt my legs would be too cooked for the silliness I have planned for next weekend and we have a rough month ahead of us. I dipped out.

Plan B: A MASS race in Pa. Mother Nature worked over the trails…race cancelled.

Plan C. Some little XC race in Richmond Va. Mother Nature worked over the trails…race cancelled.

Plan D: Double day of crit racn’ up in Maryland….good training I suppose

See ya out there fan.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Cohutta 100 Part 2: A bad day in the mountains of Tenn.

Well fan, The Smokey Mountain’s was one hell of a perfect place to spend Earth Day weekend. I had forgotten just how beautiful this region is. The New Leaf Adventure Company was the home of the 1996 Olympic white water competition and is smack dab in the middle of some of the country's most amazing scenery fo-sho.

Goose's Ghetto-Camp

Their course was extremely physically demanding with a whole lot of gravel road riding…climb for 30 minutes, descend for 5, turn left and repeat…for 6+ hours. I certainly would have preferred more trails but man oh man did we climb a lot and the views at the top of the ridges….sweet!!!

We Bi-atch’s did not have a stellar weekend but an “ok” one. The Oldman DS and Bunny probably should not have raced due to a lingering and developing illness. Bunny has reported that she has retired from racing and will be taking up knitting. She will be missed. I fell apart BAD in between aid station 2 and 3 which resulted in me falling from 3rd with 2nd in sight to 6th. After crying for my mommy for about an hour I ate a whole lot, got it together and rallied like a champ putting myself into the pain box on my terms. Sadly, I was unable to regroup with 3rd-5th but they were flying so who knows.

By day's end, two of us made it in the prizes and one us rode in with an old fan making for one very happy old school MTBer supporter. This was not how any of us hoped or planned for but that is racing…riding hard, having fun and making the most of the experience.

Nars-- too tired to fake a smile
Bunny--note the feverish glint in her eye
Goose--looks like he needs some good homecookin' from Mammy

That is it for now.

Miss Jackie is begging Nars for some AC in this vehicle!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cohutta 100 Part1

Chilln' in Blacksburg, Va in some sweet Econo Lodge.
I got interweb and HBO so no VT hippy gals for me.
Life is good.
Back on the road in the late morn.
Then reg, set up camp, ride and look for the Shogren's hopefully before midnight.
Bring beer Shogren's.
Saturday 7am start...yippee!!!

Some press too..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cohutta 100 or bust!!!

Spandex, camping gear and bike are ready to go in the morn.
Wish us luck fan!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long Live Team Bi-atch and the Backyard Bike club

And whatever flavour you're racing for this year.
We will remain here... forever.

WVMBA #1: Big Bear

This is where you’ll find the Chrissy race reports this season fan so here we go….

Welp fan, I had a pretty good weekend of racing. I stopped by a crit in Virginia Saturday on my way to the first WVMBA race on Sunday. I was in a nice break that did not stick and it ended in a sprint so I sat up as I do not need to mix it up in that stuff these days. It was fun though. Then off to Morgantown….

Sunday was the WVMBA season opener at Big Bear. I was a little concerned about my fitness but at the end of the day I was pleased with were I am at. They had us single speeders start after the Pro/ex’s which stunk but it turned out well. The fast SSer’s had a lot of guys to plow through. I duked it out with Benji who lives literally next to the event so he knows EVERY rock and line. We were weeding our way through the geared guys when suddenly some skinny kid came bouncing by us. At first I thought it was a geared guy regrouping but shit no derailleur. I holler at Benji, he shrugs his shoulders and we continue on. I kept Benji in sight for the first 45 minutes. He helped design the course so chasing him all day kept me busy and on task. I lost sight of Benji for a bit but stayed focused and in the pain box when suddenly I caught the skinny kid, sweet I am in 2nd. I dug deep to regroup with Benji but by the end he did get the best of me so I ended up 2nd SS and 9th overall (with our delayed start). I am very happy with my fitness and riding so that is very cool. It should be a fun season and if with the turn out of over 200 riders is any indication WVMBA should have a good season too. There were many smiling new faces that are enjoying the lyfe which is great to see.

Bunny got 1st, the old man 4th (Pro/ex) and Not So Fat Anymore Boy JR sandbanged and won the big boy class. Good work ByBc/Team Bi-atch/Cannondale.

We are headed out for Tennessee Thursday for the Cohuta 100 Saturday. A 100 miler in April is a little scary I have to admit. I suppose all the north-east-coasters are feeling that way though. Should be interesting. The Smokey Mountains are amazing so if anything the views should be great. It should be a painful blast no matter what. But I really feel a top 3 in the SS and a top 20 overall is very doable. Lets just see how many tan west coasters show up.

Check the 08 archives at Team Bi-atch

Shout outs and such…
- JR’s lovely almost wife Gina for running WVMBA while her slacker almost hubby races
- All that came out to ride, suffer, smile and enjoy.
- Cannondale, Matt and Uncle Rob
- Mark S. and the Big Bear family for hosting so many cool events
- The purty ladies in the woods screaming for me…us

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Fan our 09 posts will...

... be at The Backyard BikeClub blog

Save it to your favs. Enjoy!

Forget what he just said Fan.
He was mistaken.
Stay here for this.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Early season skinny tyre action!!!

Well fan, I do not have any fat tire updates but I do have a little double header road racing action. Saturday I headed up to the Tour of Walkersville a 70ish mile road race near Frederick, MD. The Pro1/2 was stacked with 80+ of the Mid-Atlantics toughest roadies and me the lone MTBer. We were single file and in the gutter from minute one echeloning Belgium Euro style, man was it windy, ouch. Then bam a big ole crash only three miles in. I did not go down but I did have to pull some super macho MTBer moves that found me with my foot down facing the wrong way. Eeck, a group of 15ish got away and a group of 20ish were heading out to chase. I chased, chased and chased some more. I got with a group of about 8 guys and assumed the “main” group would catch us in a lap or two. They never did. It was a good hard training day but as for racing not really. It was an odd day because of that early wreck. Sadly, there were a few other bad wrecks with one fella getting a lift out in a helicopter. I can only hope he is ok and that was only a precaution. By days end I ended up 22nd out of the 25 that finished. An epic in the mean wind and I did the fat tire peeps proud!!! Oh, I was only one there so I did myself proud. Yay me!!

I then high tailed over to Gunnar and Betsy’s house for another road race outside of Pittsburgh, Pa on Sunday morning.

The Mingo Road is a super cool little circuit. The P1/2/3 had 40ish guys lining up pretty and early. I do believe I was the only one in this group that had raced the day before and man were my legs stiff. I was a bit afraid going up the climb on the first lap as my legs felt like 2 by 4’s. Gunnar was moving and shaking with the mover a shakers up front while I was a spectator from the pack on the first two laps. The old man flatted going into lap 3 I believe at the same time things got real macho and fast up the climb. Sweet, I found my legs and crested to climb 3rd wheel. I engaged in some minimal macho moves near the front for a few laps but we stayed as a group of about 25 for the rest of the day. Gunnar snuck back in and kept the tempo high at the front but he was a lap down so he was tying to get a way to “unlap” himself…he failed but tried real hard. It came down to a 5 abreast sprint something I had no interests in playing in. So another good workout in the books. I can not wait to hit the dirt!!!

Betsy hand her hands full with two fast lady teammates from OH. They played those crazy reindeer games with her all day. She did great getting 4th in one super fast amazing sprint.

Uncle RobV. lent me his sweet ass Super-Six road bike for a few weeks so that I could be on a Cannondale during these pre-season road race leg and lung tune up. That thing is sweet, I need to get me one of them.

So one more weekend of road racing and then the dirt with the WVMBA opener the following weekend. Ah, then down to the Cohutta 100 in Tn. for the first NUE race. I am hoping to better my 3rd place in the SS series this season.

Well that is that. Some sore legs but I am safe and smiling spreading the Cannondale love.

Time for some mall laps with grandma. Spring Break in snowy NY!!!!!

PHOTO CREDIT: stolen from fans on FB, thanks

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It has begun!!!

My gear bag is packed and at the door ready to go from now until December.
The lyfe has begun.
Such is the lyfe.
I heart the lyfe.

1 road race down
We are pre-reged for the 24hrs and Cohutta 100.
So it is on like Donkey Kong fan.
And we all look real sexy in our Italian made Cannondale kits too.
We all are too sexy.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big rides and Jedi mind tricks!!!

Well fan, we at Team Bi-atch had our first 09’ winter camp this past weekend. It was also combined with our team’s club, The Backyard Bike Club (BYBC), training camp too.

Little did we know we'd still be going 100 miles later. Dave Light's wheel blew up early.

Saturday was a super duper cool road ride mostly out in Greene County, Pa. Betsy, Gunnar and I rode out to meet up with some folks for a pre-ride on the Morgantown Road Race course (April 11).
We rolled out with about 20 gals and guys but quickly a few guys needed to get all macho and stupid hammering away.

Big happy group of cyclists attending the 1st BYBC ride.

We heard later that they “wanted to go hard” and that it “was too sketchy” riding in group…blah blah… poop on you and you all get the gas face. Yes, Betsy and the gals would have kicked your butts up the climbs and yes they will kick your butts on April 11...GAS FACE!! Anyway, it was road bikes and we all know what happens when boys and road bikes get together. Sometimes riding with others who share the passion and teaching them the ropes is better then getting the right amount of Jiggawatts out of your Fluxcapacitor. Either way, each group did its thing and we all had fun, we were all riding our bikes in the hills.

Some of the flora of WbgV.

So Betsy, Gunnar, JR, Laura, Keen, Matt Marcus, Auvid, Siera, Tricia and I rode hard, climbing a lot, chatted and had whole lot of wicked fun. The course is mean and will truly test your climbing form. Team Bi-atch left the Backyard Bike Club after 60 miles and went on down the road knocking out a century in mid-Febuary. 7 hours of saddle time and over 8 of chamois time, what what. Awesome day, with equally awesome peeps.

I got to play a little Jedi mind tricks on Yoda Gunnar too.
I flatted half way through the ride and the following occurred.

That bug rode on Goose's forehead for 100 miles.

Me: Shit, Fulcrum rims suck for getting tires off (they really do)and I only have one tire lever.
Gunnar, Matt and Kean: All chime in…you sissy, wimp….blah blah…do it with your hands.
Me: After getting 3 screws in my thumb last year I do not have that strength and again these Fulcrum rims suck.
Gunnar: You F-ing &^%$ give me that.
(He tries to remove the tire with out a lever and fails. He grabs the tire lever, swears at me and struggles but is successful.)
Me: They are just as hard to put back on. Sometimes you have to use a lever.
Gunnar, Matt and Kean: F-ing….blah, blah….you wimp…we can do it.
Me: ok
(Gunnar begins wrestling with it failing miserably. Matt helps and finally the TWO of them get the tire on the rim.)

My flat is fixed and I did nothing.
The force is strong in this one it is!!!..hehe

Goose and Bunny at the 100 mile mark.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.
100 miles!

It pains me to say that gunnar and Jackie were the last two standing this weekend. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tour of California...wait for us

Crap, our ds DS Gunnar did it again. Just like last year he got the Tour of California dates wrong.
Do you see our names?

Thats right, no!!
I guess we will have to stick to the dirt.

Ok, more coffee and a 4 hour fixie ride!!!

Maybe next year. Tear it up Floyd, do it for your dirt roots!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winds are blowing indeed

And that means that it's time to start paying more attention to your-
Riding and Drinking.

Head on over to Cycle-Dumb to be refreshed, reconstituted, reconditioned, and regurgitate.

Yeah boy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Winds of Change

Sorry for the lack of updates fan. Things have been slow over here at the Road and Cross-headquarters in DC. And since I did not go CX natz SOMEONE else was in charge of giving an update…Ehm!

The 09 training has begun. The Director Sportiff and Bunny have been riding a bit and turning in the screws on Sundays at the Bakers ride in Morgantown. I have been running a lot, XC skied a bit while I was in NY for the holidays and began riding this past weekend (10+hours in 3 days aint bad especially on a fixie). MikeY, member at large, I am sure is taking care of him self in between diaper duty. Our newest member Pickleboy AKA Fatboy AKA JR who is still on probation ,well, has had an endless list of excuses as to why he has not been doing too much. But we forgive him. He is new to the Bi-atch Lyfe.

So today I headed out after watching all the Obama action on the tellie. I was hoping to ride for 2-2.5 hours and then head down to the National Mall by 3ish to see and be apart of some of the tail-end action. I headed out and did my “bike racer” ride and then hopped on the Capitol Crescent trail that connects Rockville, MD to Georgetown (Wash,DC). On a normal warm day this trail can be packed with all sorts of folks enjoying themselves. On this cold and nasty day it was pretty empty. Only the hardiest of soul would be out. You know us macho racer types (only saw one other), the most dedicated commuter, the messengers and those that see a bike purely as a utilitarian device because they have too. It was not a kind day to be riding.

As I was making my way down the path excited by the change in the frozen air I began passing swarms of cyclist not dressed in fancy lycra or super cool Pearl Izumi this and that. Many were dressed more for skiing then cycling but the majority were in “street” cloths, way under dressed for the ride home they had before them after a long day on the National Mall. They all looked cold but all had smiles as they like me felt the change in the air. I waved to all with a smiling howdy. Most returned the pleasantry, many seemed surprised by the lycra-clad cyclist being polite and happy, and all were huffing up what can be a bit of tough climb from Georgetown. We were all sharing in the same emotion. The change in the air and the freedom of being on two wheels. Now many of these bikes won’t see the light of day for another few years after today but I am certain many will be out again this spring because it will help people remember this day. A day that saw change on so many levels and people will want to relive that. Relive a time change and time of freedom that they experienced while riding on a cold winter day in January. Smiles a-plentiful!!!

Pretty darn cool indeed!!!

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.