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Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't call it a come back...

Well fan I went to the orthopedic specialist today. He did indeed confirm that I have two broken bones in my wrist. He also noticed the pins/screws in my thumb from last season but he also noticed that I must of broken my wrist two other times. I swear I have only broken my wrist one other time or at least I have only been casted one other time years ago. Perhaps I need to ask mom but then of course I would have to tell her about my current injury. Oh well!!

Any how, the doc said that these two bones are non-bearing so he gave me the option since I am an "adult" to have a brace instead of a cast since being an "adult" I would behave. Yeh, I am an "adult' so of course I chose the brace, I'll behave. He also told me that I could begin riding in 3-4 weeks with the brace on and that I could probably start racn' soon after depending on how much pain I can endure. Well, that was about 4 hours ago and I have already ridden an hour and going by this Cycle Dumb accelerated time frame I think I may try racn' the Hagerstown CX race this weekend. Besides CX, this race has a BMX course, a skate park and OUTLAW CHEERLEADERS how could I really resist, right? I have had erotic dreams as a teen that have included all those things, ok more recently. Besides, I have a great excuse if I do shitty, hell I have two broken bones in my wrist right.

I know many are worried about the current economic crisis, however, I suggest you buy stock in Advil. I will popping a lot in the coming weeks I am sure.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.



gunn4r said...

I think you need to learn,

To crash and not break things.
Or maybe it's time to learn not to crash... as much.
I used to crash too, but only tore open flesh and stuff.
You, my friend, are more of a bucket of bolts.

You're still in the dog house for not showing up at Ed Sander's Cross...

And you are costing the good taxpayers of this fine country $$$ you bastard!!!

Joey and Mandi said...

HEY!!! There are plenty of races to be done this fall so maybe you should set a couple weeks out. You do not want to exarbate your injury and end up with something that is prolonged and nagging. Also all that will eat whole in your gut. I am telling you this because I have been there and done that. Besides I am a mom and I know these things.


gunn4r said...

Taking care of two fish,

and a hamster doesn't make you a mom Joey.

We don't care if he races, he just needs to show up and be part of Cougar Fest AT the races.

crs said...

Thanks Joey!!! Good ride in Davis. The pictures look great with the leaves changing and all. The shop doing well?

Yeh, yeh Gunnar!!!

gwadzilla said...

apparently advil and alcohol is bad for you

luckily my liver was not effected by a decade of advil with whiskey chasers

glad you are on the mend