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Saturday, September 6, 2008

One last time..or is it?

It's a very dreary ugly day in DC as Hanna pounds the right coast with some needed moisture and DCians wait for the knock out punch from Ike not the Tina Turner Ike but the storm sometime in the next 24 hours. I, as usual will be getting out of dodge and heading to Mo-town to get ready for the last WVMBA series race hopefully in time for beer, Blackbear and hopefully a Bunny movie pick...Gunnar always picks movies that came out before Betsy and I were alive, sorry Director! And Yes fan, we should be in Tahoe but we aint so here we go. And yes fan, our motivation is lacking the normal zeal. We are all tired at Team Bi-atch and I am certainly moving slow this morning...almost afternoon. I wish the van would pack itself and I need to spin the legs on the rollers too, ugh. Is five cups of coffee excessive? I certainly hope not.

I am looking forward to switching gear's, literally and figuratively as the coming Cross season approaches. The training changes and decreases, the travel is less( for me at least as I live in the non-New England east coast Cross promise land) and the races are only an hour not 8+. I hope I can find my top end again. I will also be able to spend some time with an old special friend that is a new special friend. Sleep in my own bed most weekends and all that other non-traveling stuff. But I love the travel and the lyfe...

Time for cup 6.
Fan, see ya at the Dirt Derby or if Hanna has her way the MUD Derby.

...hang tough young Sammy we will all have you in our thoughts.

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