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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ed Sander's Cross Clinic, Cougar Fest, and Camp!

While Goose is now doing normal weekend things, gunnar and I are valiantly trying to keep our Fan entertained. This weekend we helped out at cross clinic given by The Applegates (Carapp LeGate!) (yes, the same Applegates that have cruelly made us suffer on our tandumb) at the Ed Sander Memorial cross race at the Lilypons.

I think this is one of the coolest races of the year, because I keep hoping somebody will fall in one of the ponds. Didn't happen this weekend, but I suspect it will sooner or later and I sure as heck better be around for it. Anyhow, the clinic was great fun and we met some enthusiastic clinic participants that I am looking forward to cheering for throughout the season. I am hoping they will do as we said, and not as we do, for the simple reason that the CycleDumb training program is really not for everybody...

Anyhow, NCVC and Lilypons was kind enough to let us camp out on the grounds on Sat. night. They even had a nice pavilion to shelter us from the rains. I must admit that I was having second thoughts about camping, on account of as soon as the gates were slammed shut, the heavens opened, Jackie found playmates in the form of a snake (dead) and a frog (live), and the mosquitoes called in all their starving distant relatives to feast upon the Shogren's bodies.

What's for dinner, Nars?

However, it turned out to be a lovely peaceful quiet night, and it was interesting to stumble out of bed in the morning to see the whole race preparation unfold. (Especially when Ken Getchell is setting up his PA equipment right above your head.)

Is that you out there, Ken?

CougarFest, 2008. Also the site of the Shogren's camping adventure.
Notice the placement of Ken.

The race itself was just fine, although gunnar and I are in the painful process of switching from 9 hour races to 45 minute races. We'll get there, though, and if we don't, at least we'll look good racing our beautiful new Cannondales.

Gunnar bringing home the goods, earlier in the week.

Yes, I know, we need to get some better pictures of our new bikes! We really heart these bikes!

Well, Fan, the latest news is in. It sounds like Goose might be out there racing this weekend! YAHOO! We here at CycleDumb Training are most proud.


crs said...

I am sorry I missed the fun.

I did make it to the national zoo finally though Bunny. You would love it. Maybe you should skip Sunday's race and go.

Perhaps a return to racn' this weekend but I will come out and heckle Saturday no matter what.

Slumber party at Goose's!

gwadzilla said...

sorry I missed seeing you guys race!

I shamefully left with the mass exodus that occurs before the Elite Races in Cyclocross

great job out there

see you at DCCX?

gwadzilla said...


pictures of Jackie on my page

Fat-Boy said...

that is sweetest camping spot in the world! Well for a bike race that is...

Philmeaux said...

Congrats on the new bikes