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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is it Hunting Season?

One sad Chrissy!!!

Well fan, my Cross season has come to a screeching halt for the second season in row. I took a pretty hard training crash in Rock Creek Park, AGAIN!! This time the culprit was not some hooligan with a rope but a deer jumping out as I was doing my last of several hard efforts. The end result a shit load of road rash and two broken bones in my wrist and hand. Yup, the same hand I had surgery on less then year ago. Which incidentally ended last years cross season. F&%K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a good MTB season though. I was on the podium in all of the 30+ races I entered except two. I took 1st in WVMBA SS series and 3rd in the NUE SS National series so I shouldn't be too down. But I am. I do not idle well. So maybe a late November come back if the Doc's let me. If not, next season it will have to be. In the mean time, some professional pitting and heckling for my Team Bi-atch mates the Shogren's....some weekends! I guess I need a cow bell now too.

Now what do I do? Ugh!!! I guess watch Dumb-Shit speak tonight but look the cable is out too. Just my luck!! F$#K!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope I can keep my muffin-top from growing too large!! F&#K!!!!!!

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.



a440tooner said...

Condolences dude.

I have to verify a word? Even this security feature doesn't keep riff-raff like me out.


BUNNY said...

Poopy pants. :o( Poor Goose. Heal quick and make a glorious comeback just in time for Kansas.

Joey and Mandi said...

wow, what a bummer! It seems you want something even more when you can't have it. Enjoy your down time! use this time to catch up on something you don't normally take time to do.
sorry for your luck! Heal fast!

Anna said...

That sucks!!! I'm so sorry! I guess this will give you some time to catch up on your summer reading list?

Tomi said...

that sux, effin wild animals, they should control that shit.

gwadzilla said...


I had not heard


I am headed out to Rock Creek tonight
I am going to drive fast and find that deer!

glad it was not worse