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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wilderness 101 Part II: "the tale"

Sorry for the late post fan. We have all been a bit tired from the weekend.

Bunny gives camping a thumb's up!

The Wilderness 101 is a tough event. You climb, climb and climb some more always waiting and praying for some single track and descents. You finally get your wish and then the rocks and speed have your insides so twisted and your arms so pumped you begin wishing you were back on some 3 mile fire road climb. These conflicting and paradoxical feelings continue for 7+ hours. You have several good days and bad days on the bike while you are out there. You have some laughs, cries and elbow bumping with your fellow competitor’s.
Of the 300+ that show up to race I’d say 20 are there to legitimately win, another 30 are there to make podium and the rest are there for the personal challenge that is the Wilderness 101.

The race from Chrissy’s eyes…

At the butt crack of 7am off we went and as soon as we hit the first climb the non-mortals without day jobs started to turn the screws in on us mortals that have day jobs.

Tomi looking chipper bright and early in the morning and with a freewheeling SS instead of the fixed.

It was rough going at that hour of the morning but I held my own. A few groups formed and I found myself with a pretty elite group of SS fellas. Benji, Deejay, Topher and I mixed it up with some geared boys for a while. Our group made up the lower portion of the top 25 and by my estimates we made up 4-7 SS kids. We hit the woods just after aid station #1 when Benji, Deejay and I found ourselves with a pretty good gap that a few geared boys were able to bridge when we hit the next road section.
We all cooperated for a while until Benji turned it up notch with only he and myself coming to aid station #2 together. I got a quick feed thanks to a friend being there and off I went alone. Benji bridged up and the Benji/Chris Alliance would not come undone until mile 95 (editors note- that's really sicky sweet Chrissy). We pushed each other hard. However, Benji was working me over and kept me honest more then I did him- he was the stronger man for sure.(editor's note- I think Chris has a man crush)

Aid station #3 and off we went up the rocky single track climb. We saw three pretty girls hanging out in the trees cheering us on. I think I may have proposed to one as she was so warm and angelic in my time of need. I have not heard from her again so perhaps it was mirage, such is my lot in life.
Benji got away in the gnarly single track somewhere between aid station #3 and #4 but I was not too worried as Benji can normally school me on the rocky stuff. It's not that I am slow, its just because he is that fast. I caught a few geared guys and Matt F. a SS kid in the gnarly stuff. These are Matt’s trails so there was no way I should of caught him at this point but the smoke coming out of his ears told the tale. Good ride Matt.

Ahh, aid station #4, holy shit, Wes S. and Gunnar. Wow, Benji and I have dug our way up to within striking distance of 2nd & 3rd!
I tried chatting but they both took off. Gunnar only does that when he is in it to win it so I knew he was having a good day. I quickly filled my bottles, chugged a Redbull and off I went. Benji was cooling off in a spring but he quickly joined me in our attempt to ride into 2nd-5th. We kept Wes and the Director in sight up the post-aid-station- #4 soul crushing climb.
Somewhere after the top we caught Gunnar but no Wes.
Gunnar, Benji and I rode in cooperation for a bit. My chain fell off a few times and the fella’s never attacked too hard, they did not wait, but they did not attack. We rode past our friend JP who was not looking good and then much to someone's chagrin...
Past aid station #5, with Benji letting out some heroic sounding "On to the road to Glory!!" or something Nordic sounding, and Gunnar's heart sank, and probably should have stopped but was in shock at the non-stop and too busy bitching and moaning and me and Benji, "Ha ha!" (is what LB would say).

Gunnar seems to think we planned on stopping. Now I never said I would nor did I plan on it as I had a full bottle in my jersey specifically for this situation. With only 13 miles to go I wanted to have plenty of water just in case I was racn’, and I was.
But would Benji and Gunnar?
Well, ask Gunnar his thoughts on this.

Actually, I recommend NOT asking gunnar his thoughts on this.

Up the final climb Benji and I dropped Gunnar, (editor's addition) did not drop Gunnar, but rather he blew sky high (end editor's addition). I found myself with gap over Benji too. The regret for the day: I DID NOT ATTACK!!!! SH*T, Benji was able bridge up. He dropped me on the fisherman trail and I buried myself on the rail grade chasing. I gained on him but… he got 3rd SS and I got 4thSS (17th and 18th overall respectively).
Ahhh, why didn’t I attack? Yes, Gunnar has given me much sh*t about that, but he got 5th so…?
The beast John “Fuzzy” schooled us SS kids in 1st 30 minutes ahead (9th overall, wow) and Wes took 2nd. 5 of the top 20 rode single speeds, what what!!

gunnar trying to rehydrate with some champagne in his big ol' piehole.
(editor's addy)Take note how the WV Nightclub stays together and that poor Wes doesn't know what to do.
Such is our presence.(end addy)

Betsy with a bum thumb and on her SS got 5th against the ladies with gears. Good job bunny!!!

Results and pics

Then an amazing dip in the stream, some good vegetarian eats, beer, rowdy single speed awards, Makers Mark and yes, keg stands. There are some compromising photos kicking around of some very unlikely participants in the keg stands, Betsy and Cheryl.

These may or may not be members of Team Bi-Atch.

Shout outs and stuff:
1. Chris Scott of SMT: an amazing experience, thanks man!!!

2. His parents, crew and volunteers: You were all so helpful and supportive during our times of need.

3. Benji Klimas: you are a f-ing beast and I am still hurting and Gunnar is still bitching about the fleecing he got from you.

4. To all the single speeders: you are all some of fastest, rowdiest and real M-Fer's I have ever had the pleasure to ride with.

5. To the immortal non-day job riders that kept it real by hanging out, having beers and cheering on those coming in after 9pm instead of taking your money and running: Harlan, Fuzzy, Deejay, Betsy, Cheryl,Michelle, Wes & others...all keeping it real

5.5 (editor's addition) And the Gas Face to the "Pros" that *needed* to leave early, and *not* hang out, and *not* cheer on the late night finishers, and *not* cheer for the other podiums, and all those others things you did *not* do. You're fast, but sometimes that's not enough. (end editor's addition)

6. WV Night Club: Benji, LB, Chris P, Andy W. (who took a really hard header out of station #2), Juan M. ("yes my ass is cramping"), initiate and Junior member Morgan, Mike the Chaperone, and even perhaps the Bi-atches too, now that we drank their whiskey, did keg stands and all rode SSs.
Who rode hard, partied harder and for being who you are.

7. The Shogren's, Mike Miller, Uncle Rob and Cannondale.

8. And to all that came out to race. Whether you came to win the thing or just to finish under 15 hours, you did it!! Being kind, Living life to the fullest and pushing your body and mind to its limit is what life is all about. Good work!!


What's next fan: a rest weekend (or for the Shogren's-- Mountaineer Stage Race), a WVMBA race, Fools Gold 100, a WVMBA race and the Shan. 100 another Chris S production.

As always...
Get out there ride, have fun and ride some more. It is cathartic ya know...better then _______ I have heard.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wilderness 101: Part I "getting there at a reasonable hour"

Team Bi-atch are headed to the Wilderness 101 today up in beautiful Coburn, Pa. It should be fun and painful. I did the first 3 as a teen in the 90's. People say that with age comes wisdom, nop, just to make it more difficult the Team and I are leaving the derailleurs at home and rocking the single speeds, dah!!!

Fan, come cheer us on. We got special permission from Chris S. to have Team Bi-atch cheerleaders and Go-go dancers at all the check points, yippee...how sweet is that?

(editors note- Chris did not beat the Shogren's there!)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mt Snow, VT to Valley Falls, WV: The Chrissy report part II

...so we finished watching Betsy making macho moves in the Pro race and then we began loading the bus... but we quickly needed a mandatory union beer break though. Gerry is a cop so we had to listen.

And off we went. We slept, bickered and took turns behind the wheel for our 10+ hour journey back to WV.

We found some vegetarian eats around 12am at a Waffle House and then strolled on down the road. With about 50 miles to go around 2am we grabbed some gas and noticed fellow hardy soul's JP and Ruth sleeping in the back of their car as they too were planning on doing the double-header. The Shogren's, always being kind to wayward cyclist invited them home with the Team. We got in around 3am bedded down by 3:30 and off to dream about the victories that could have been and the victory that will hopefully be the next day.

(okay, maybe JR wasn't on this trip, but it seemed like a good time to use this pic).

(Not to mention he looks so angelic when he sleeps.)

We rose tired and achy, had some coffee and tweaked the bikes a little. Betsy decided to sit the day out as she was pretty cooked from the day before and she banged her thumb up pretty bad. Plus I am sure she was sick of the bus that had the sweet aroma of a boys locker room. It was probably the smartest thing decided by any of us since the trip began. So Gunnar and I loaded up and headed south with JP and Ruth in toe (LB hooked up the with WV Night Club crew). We were pleasantly surprised to see such a good turn out and even more surprised to see so many fellow hardy soul's that made the trip back from VT. Ahh, WVMBA has some tough characters that appreciate what we have. But sometimes we all need to make the journey to the big show to show others that the Mountain State regulars are still some of the fastest around.

Sorry fan, the race. We began on a very steep and long road climb and man did I feel like crap. About 10 of us pro/ex and SS kids started to role away, and it was painful. I must of forgotten my legs and lungs in Vermont, ugh!! Benji and Johnny both fresh pushed the pace and I finally had to say uncle. I entered the trail about 45 seconds behind in about 12th position and 5thish among the SS boys. I was happy to see Gunnar made the cut though. I felt bad and began to think this would just be another training day as my race legs were missing. But alas, after 25-30 minutes of just pedaling around my body started to come around. I entered the pain box and off I went to race. I knew I was going to be pretty far back but I was hoping I could dig my way up to the top 5 overall and hopefully I could catch Benji for the SS win. I began catching many including the Director whose day turned to training around the same time mine turned to racing. I worked my way up to 7th and never caught Benji so I got 2nd SS. Gunnar rallied and got 9th overall and 7th Pro/ex.

The course was a hoot but not for those that don't like to climb. Certain sections felt like a roller coaster, all wicked fast and twisty. It was a pleasure for sure. And unlike at the USAC race we were fed, thanked for coming and made some pretty good scratch too.
We shared some HOT beers with the WV Night Club kids, shared some tales, grabbed Jackie and off to the Bi-atch HQ. After a quick nap my journey continued back to DC...home by 2am. Such is the lyfe and I wouldn't change a thing.

Now some needed rest and off we go this weekend to the always tough
Wilderness 100. Chris S rocks!!!
NUE Series

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mt Snow, VT to Valley Falls, WV: The Chrissy report part I

Sorry fan, we have been on the road chasing the dream and Wifi signals so our race reports have been delayed. But here you go, Mt Snow and Valley Falls…


Team Bi-atch (with LB) left WV in the AM and arrived in VT in the late PM. The trip was pleasantly uneventful. We chatted, slept, and Gunnar and I bickered, as he was not being very cordial about letting some people stop for nature breaks.

Betsy almost left Gunnar for this fella!

The team and LB arrived at our sweet digs late Thursday night. It would be a full house of dirty racers, thanks to one of our amazing sponsor’s: Miller Dentistry. With the Miller’s, Morgan, Betsy, Gunnar, Matt M., LB, Nick W. and I all finding ourselves in this amazing condo just 200 yards from the feed zone and 2 minutes from the starting line our home for the next few days. Besides the air being broken, the place was pretty darn sweet and I got a bed.

We woke up early to cheer on and heckle our Cannondale teammate, Morgan M., and WVMBA homie, the young Henry Spreng, in the junior race. This also gave an opportunity to cheer on some friends in the semi-pro race. Good work, Wes!!

After the required heckling and such, we chamoised up to take a spin on the course to try to figure out which gear to run on the SS and to find all the sweet local lines. It was your typical NORBA National course. Climb, climb, climb until it hurts too much, then climb some more, followed by some wicked-fast-gnarly descending. The 21 was decided on, but I should have chosen the 22 (or a geared bike), and then back to the condo for some absolute lounging and Tour watching.

The dreaded 8am start time. 5,4,3,2,1…GO! I was 3rd going into the first climb and quickly found myself in 1st. Sweet, I led it for about 10 minutes until we got to the next significant climb. This climb is still haunting me 72 hours later. It is the place where I feel I lost the race and I feel running a SS in the geared race may have proven to be a mistake. I dismounted and began to
trot all the while the geared boys were shifting to a lighter gear and pedaling away. This baby was long so I felt it prudent to walk and trot rather then run, because I could have easily blown sky high running the thing. This too is still haunting me; I believe I was way too conservative on that first lap. I have been racing 2+ hour races all season and this race would be well under 2hrs so I have the fitness and strength, aahh!!! On lap 2-3 I ran the damn thing with unabashed rigger trying to undo my first lap mistake of conservatism. So why didn’t I let it all hang out on that first lap? Yes, I am pissed and bummed with myself. Would I have let it all hang out had I been in the SS race? Would having gears allowed me to climb the darn thing and stay in 1st? Was I geared or just out-ridden? AAAAHHHH, these are the questions I have been wrestling with for the last few days. Back to the race: I rallied and buried myself on laps 2 and 3. I left everything I had on the climb and took some silly risks on the descents all in the hopes to make the podium. It was hard to tell what place you were in as there was many different classes out on the course. I was guessing I was somewhere between 4th and 8th. I was passing many, always being polite and diligent to see what number they had on their leg to determine if they were in my class. Near the end of the last climb on the final lap I saw one last guy with the same number as me. He was looking tired and was square pedaling, so I got on his wheel found the line and turned the pain meter up to 11. I dropped him pretty soundly as we entered the woods for the final descent. Yikes, just before exiting the woods he passed me and launched a pretty hard attack as we hammered through the flat section past the feed zone. I could tell he felt he dropped me since I was spinning the SS at 200rpms and he was in his big ring hammering away. But I put in some macho SS moves and hopped on his wheel. He looked back and was startled as I smiled and waved…then click, click as he shifted down for a sprint. Oh boy, it was on….elbows out and I was up to 300RPMs sprinting through the finish line shoot. Sadly, I was beaten by a ½ a wheel length and we were sprinting for 6th so I got 7th. No podium for Chrissy.

We cleaned up, ate and off to watch Betsy race in the Pro race immediately following her single speed natz victory. Coming through on the first lap she was mighty tempted to quit but with some words of wisdom from the Director and some loving heckling from Gunnar, LB, Mike Y., and I she rode strong passing half the field for 23rd…also on a SS!! Way to go Bunny!!! My new hero.

Observations from the day…

1. Gears or no gears?

2. I know in order to race at an “elite” level you need to have a very competitive disposition. However, yelling at, swearing at or insulting those you lap or pass is completely uncalled for. It is just bike racing. Perhaps if some took that passionate anger and focused it into some altruistic endeavors the world would be better place. Telling a 45-year-old expert women to get the F out your way is not cool. “On your left” worked for me. Yes, I may have lost 30 to 45 seconds with lappers and yes, it was mildly frustrating but screaming offensive shit at them was not going to make them move any faster; in fact, they may have even slowed out of spite. I would have. So please keep this in mind fan as you get faster and become a super macho “elite” racer: there is no need to become a complete asshole simply because you are fast on your bike because in reality what does it really matter. Sorry, enough peace-nik soapboxing.

3. Powderpuff is way tougher then all of us others on Team Bi-atch.


Gunnar: 13th mad mechanicals

Betsy: 1st SS and 23rd Pro

Chrissy: 7th

Mike Y. : 4th

Shout out and stuff:

- The Miller's

- WVMBA Homies that went to VT and made the journey back to the WV race: Morgan, LB, Matt M, Nick W., JP, Roth, Ben O. and Team Bi-atch

- our friends at VisitPa.com: they swept the podium

- Uncle Rob and Cannondale

- We wish WVMBA homie and international cycling rock star Sue H. a speedy recovery!!!

-Gerry Pflug: nice work sir

Valley Falls report will follow soon, fan.

Finally, it was great to see original Bi-Atch member, Mike Y., and his lovely wife Erika incubating Little Baby Bi-Atch!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blog Update. Post VT

Chris has left HQ but he expects an update.
And I guess you do too fan.

We're all tired, exhausted, achy, groany and moany. Some more than others.

Betsy kicked major booty w/ her first National MTB Title, SS Women, and then further impressing the world by jumping in the Pro race on the same bike and finishing.
Course now she has a wrecked thumb and not-so-good-working legs.
Here she is wrestling her new jersey on-

Richard Fries was nice enough to have the SS awards last to ensure that Betsy would be able to attend since she was still out there laying waste to herself while the other Expert awards were being given.
She certainly didn't disappoint.

All I got was this from some June Bug going down in front of me-

And then Crazy Czech Clara fixing me up at Valley Falls the next day-

We did a pretty good job of wrecking the condo-

And in a great showing of good will and all that idealistic rubbish, Team Bi-atch and the WV Night Club members got to be snuggle buddies in the back of Clifford-

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MABRA Elite Crit Champs: Hagerstown, MD

I arrived at 3pm for the 3:15pm start. How can I be late for such a late start at a venue that is just an hour from my house? I have no clue. Perhaps I need a secretary or a life coach but mostly I just need to get my head out my butt. Oh well, that is how we at Team Bi-atch roll most of the time. My warm up consisted of a 40-foot coast to the porta potty followed by a 60 ft pedal over to the starting line.
And off we went….
I have not been in a crit in awhile so I was mostly feeling like pack fodder and in fact my only purpose for being there was to get some hard efforts in before Mt Snow, so pack fodder was just dandy. The first few laps were rough as I still had heavy legs from the Wakefield MTB training race from earlier in the week and my warm up was less then stellar. But after 15 minutes my legs came around and I started feel ok, sweet!! Move up, move up and then bang, screech, skid, a crash in front of me, ahhhh! I take the high side line around the wreck, oh boy. Ugh, I am headed right for the curb. I use my macho MTB skillz to bunny hop, ah yeh. Back wheel please come down please, endo, endo…ahh two wheels on the grass, what-what!! Yikes, there is a guy sliding on the grass next to me. He must not have the macho MTB skillz that I have. Eek, that looks like it hurt. I get some cheers as I fly down the side walk. Looking, looking, yes a wide drive way to re-enter the course. I look over my shoulder and see a few guys that got dropped missing the crash too. Sweet, Super Dave O. is leading the charge to catch the main group. Dave ain’t called super for nothing. Now fan, sometimes my A.D.D really kicks in during a race so here is a brief dialogue my pea brain had with it self for the remainder of my race…

Chris-“Wow, that Dave is strong”
Chrissy-“Ouch, I really nailed my junk during that macho MTB move”
Goose-“ That girl in the Nature Valley kit is mad cute”
Chrissy-“ Maybe I should have gone to Windham”
Chris-“I think I need to puke”
Chrissy-“I don’t have crit legs”
Goose-“This really hurts”
Chris-“Why do I do crits?”
Goose-“A climb or a rock garden would make this bridge easier”
Chrissy-“If I did not race bikes what would I be doing right now?”
Goose-“I hope Blackbear is still open when I get to Mo-town”
Chrissy-“Yummy, Sheetz”
Chris-“Oh shit, Super Dave bridged the gap”
Chrissy-“Oh shit, Super Dave bridged the gap with out me”

Two more laps and then I explored the roads of Hagerstown for an hour.

Off to Northbend for a MTB race.

Peace Goose

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Think we may have missed our Tour start...

Well we *were* ready.

Had all the gear and I thought Goose had told me correctly.
Look at the poor sod, this is a man that is ready for racing in Europe, Joe Parkin and Bob Roll style-

But then I just found out that the blasted thing has already started!

We were so close-

Then somehow got misdirected, zigged when we should have zagged and found ourselves somewhere else.

First we don't make it out to Tour of Kalifornia because of the bus and now this?
What will Casdorph Piano say? Cripes.

Well I'm sorry fan.
I think we've disappointed you once again.
Such is the Lyphe (Lyfe?, which do you like?).

Post-Travel Depression.

I have been home for a week after being on the racing road for over three weeks. Being on the road is so simple and so easy in so many ways. Your worries on the road: race well, train if needed, ride, rest, eat and make it to the venue kinda on time. The bigger worries are, will we find vegetarian eats and will this state have a Sheetz. You tend to be frugal and "green" too, aside from the gas thing. You travel with good company while enjoying the conversations of your mates and scenery our fine nation has to offer. You become so far removed from your "other" life. Its that simple and structured life that makes the lyfe so disciplined and at times hard. I heart the lyfe.

Then you get home with some relief. But you soon get over whelmed with "real" life. The pile of junk mail and bills on the stairs, you start thinking about that girlie, you listen to the 1 voicemail you received over 3 weeks, you contact the folks and finally check out the news....ahh George Bush is still president!!! You quickly miss the simplicity of the gypsy lyfe of the racing road. You yearn for the next escape.

Alas, we are off to Vermont for 5 days. The simple and structured lyfe continues.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Da Yellow!!

Well fan, our Director with all his cycling skill and knowledge has yet again sent one of his former "dirt" prodigies off to claim the Yellow Jersey. Well done sir, first Floyd and now Cadel with or with out chemicals.
Cadel Circa 1996

Gunnar Circa 1996
* note the kits and team

DS note-
Take a look at those shoes!
I raced some of cross last year and some MTB this year in some of those.
Still got a few up in the attic still!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Fan, Louisville was hard on Team Bi-atch, and sometimes during the hard times you turn to your demons, and we did.
The team picked up a few vices on the road.

Poor Gunnar took up smoking

Betsy has a thing for burritos as big as her head.

I fell in love with some morally suspect groupies.

"The road ain't no place to start a family."
Sorry fan, we aren't perfect but pretty damn close.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Non-Bike pictures from "da Tour"

The South is so nice!

We chatted with the big guy!

I did have one win while on the road!

And there's always something that you need from that bag in the back... BBB.

I had a great picnic on my way back to DC.
I heart Coopers Rock!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The "da Tour" ends as we race the Muck at Lil Moe's Place

The nearly three week gypsy racing road trip ended much like it started, poorly for me. This illness, lack of sleep and a few days of hard racing all added up to a blah day for poor Lil Chrissy at the Race to Lil Moe's.

But fan here is the cliff note account from me...

For the 24 hours before the race there was a torrential down pour causing the whole course to be fairly sloppy to say the least. In the dry this course would be wicked fast and fun, but in the wet, ouch. We headed off on the very sloppy prologue loop and I found myself 2nd behind Ben O. with Benji K. on a SS just behind as we entered the woods. Sweet, I am riding well and just maybe I will try to contest the overall on my SS today. I let Benji by to set the SS tempo and a few geared guys passed he and I on the first climb. I was riding well and feeling confident....
Until, I took a header which knock the wind out of me and threw my H2O bottles everywhere. Gunnar, John and LB passed as I was slow to get up. Let the chase begin. Ahh nope,well, that's it. My body shut down and lap 1 turned into a ride no race. Lap 2 I began to rally and had LB with in reach...
Until I completely unraveled, bonked, cried and walked a whole lot. I went from a minute down on LB and Johnny to over 10 on lap 3. Excellent. Lap 3 did lend itself to some entertainment. I found poor Joey R. stuck in fallen tree. That was pretty exciting and lucky for Joey as that could have been a lot worse.

Nars rallied and sweated his way to 4th overall.

Goose, wishing the race was only 1 lap.

Bunny, finishing on a flat, and apparently the only Bi-Atch still happy.

Photos and the results:

So the gypsy tour comes to an end as I plan to head back to DC some time on Tuesday just to hit the road again Friday. I heart this lyfe!!! I am tired, achy, sore though and in need of a massage. Maybe the team needs a masseuse, yeh, try outs at my house please apply. YAY!!

On tap:
1.I was going to head to a NORBA race in NY but I ain't riding that well yet and the USAC, well you know. Maybe a crit on Saturday and then a WVMBA race at Northbend. The race is for an important cause http://www.iplayoutside.com/Events/2008/07/10566.html

2. Mt Snow MTB Nationals. I have to decide which will get me more groupies, a Single Speed stars and stripes or my age group. Please post your opinion.

3. Wilderness 101, aahh yeh!! Chris S. rocks!!!!! I did the originals as a junior in 1991,92 & 93 and it still hurts the same with these fancy bikes.

4. Some other stuff and then Georgia for the Fool's Gold 100. We are chasing NUE points now.

Shout outs and stuff:
- Thad, awesome races
- Lil Moe, whoever you are you own a great bar and thanks for letting us ride your property

Lil Moe's & Philippi is the place to be.
- Uncle Rob and Cannondale for taking care of us
- Robbie and Pathfinder for taking care of us
- JR, for finishing strong, for quitting smoking still and feeding my narcissism even more

JR, looking good, Buddy!!
- Team Bi-atch: Jackie, Betsy and grumpy Gunnar it was good racing and better times
- And to all that try, whether you are out to win or just the personal challenge it all hurts the same, you all ROCK!!

As always...Get out there ride, have fun and ride some more. It is cathartic ya know...better then _______ I have heard!

Until the next gypsy adventure.
Peace Chris

Very large, very scary, unidentified flying object.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Barbour de Tour and Bust

Louisville came and went, so it's back on the road for an all night journey to Philippi, WV for the world famous July 4th Barbour de Tour RR (our last prep before France).
We left Louisville around 9pm, uugh, it was going to be a long night and morning. Gunnar and I switched control of the bus as July 3rd turned into July 4th and we still had 3 or more hours of driving ahead of us.

Jackie and Abe were the first to succomb to the numbing drive-

The Team had some 2am Curly fries and milk shakes somewhere just west of Charleston, and then after some more painful driving whilst listening to the Cure we finally arrived in Philippi a bit after 4am.
Ahh, but the race starts at 10am what will we ever do? Well, fan you know we are a hardy and resourceful bunch so we first drove around the town rather aimlessly for about 45 retarded minutes then finally settled down and parked the bus in the back of a Farm Fresh grocery store, hit recline on the seats and bedded down for the morning.
Reminded me of the good old days as a junior racer, all care free and dumb with no plan other then racn’ our bikes whenever and where ever.
Only none of us are young...
A few hours of shut eye would be better then nothing so off to dream land we went, Betsy, Jackie, Gunnar and I all stuffed in the front of the bus sleeping. It must have been quite the sight for the truck driver as he made the morning delivery.
Oh, I forgot to mention that there was quite the torrent of rain pounding the roof of the bus during this amazing slumber.

THE RACE, the day...

The Team rose all well rested from our 2 hour morning of sleep and the spirits were high, kind of, ok not at all.

Betsy got the pleasure of having Jackie sleeping on her belly-

Yeah, no one takes pictures of me...

Betsy and I tried to stage a team revolt against racing in the rain and under such poor preparation and rest but the old wise Director calmed our mutiny with some greasy egg-Mcmuffins minus the bacon and we began getting our race faces on, gearing up, brushing our teeth at the starting line and…
Off we went. We climbed out of Philippi at a rather uncomfortable pace, ouch, damn that Adam.
It was this early effort that dwindled an already small starting group down to a select few of “studs”. The Pittsburgh boys were launching attacks and riding strong. Gunnar and I were holding our own but we were both feeling a bit exhausted from all the travel and racing we had been up to.
Finally, Joe R. put in another very aggressive move which split an already small group turning it into a “stud” group and a “super-stud” group. Gunnar made the cut and then only got beat by Joe, coming in 2nd (good work sir) and also having to deal w/ some jerk that decided part way into the second lap that it would be fine for him to sit and attack the honestly working group before the fairgrounds (they later disposed of him on the final climb into town, the jerk got 4th but didn't stick around for the awards...), I did not make the “super-stud” cut coming in 8th. I was pretty happy as I have been pretty sick and rode like a complete whussy at Natz.

About three or four times he swears that he couldn't see straight-

Betsy won the women’s race, YAY!!! ( No details at the time of press for this event)

Back home, not many things in from the Bus, and everyone is taking naps.
Team Bi-atch hearts naps!

Off to Uncle Rob’s for some 4th celebrations.
And then some more napping!

Lil Moe’s MTB race on July 5th…stay tuned