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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big rides and Jedi mind tricks!!!

Well fan, we at Team Bi-atch had our first 09’ winter camp this past weekend. It was also combined with our team’s club, The Backyard Bike Club (BYBC), training camp too.

Little did we know we'd still be going 100 miles later. Dave Light's wheel blew up early.

Saturday was a super duper cool road ride mostly out in Greene County, Pa. Betsy, Gunnar and I rode out to meet up with some folks for a pre-ride on the Morgantown Road Race course (April 11).
We rolled out with about 20 gals and guys but quickly a few guys needed to get all macho and stupid hammering away.

Big happy group of cyclists attending the 1st BYBC ride.

We heard later that they “wanted to go hard” and that it “was too sketchy” riding in group…blah blah… poop on you and you all get the gas face. Yes, Betsy and the gals would have kicked your butts up the climbs and yes they will kick your butts on April 11...GAS FACE!! Anyway, it was road bikes and we all know what happens when boys and road bikes get together. Sometimes riding with others who share the passion and teaching them the ropes is better then getting the right amount of Jiggawatts out of your Fluxcapacitor. Either way, each group did its thing and we all had fun, we were all riding our bikes in the hills.

Some of the flora of WbgV.

So Betsy, Gunnar, JR, Laura, Keen, Matt Marcus, Auvid, Siera, Tricia and I rode hard, climbing a lot, chatted and had whole lot of wicked fun. The course is mean and will truly test your climbing form. Team Bi-atch left the Backyard Bike Club after 60 miles and went on down the road knocking out a century in mid-Febuary. 7 hours of saddle time and over 8 of chamois time, what what. Awesome day, with equally awesome peeps.

I got to play a little Jedi mind tricks on Yoda Gunnar too.
I flatted half way through the ride and the following occurred.

That bug rode on Goose's forehead for 100 miles.

Me: Shit, Fulcrum rims suck for getting tires off (they really do)and I only have one tire lever.
Gunnar, Matt and Kean: All chime in…you sissy, wimp….blah blah…do it with your hands.
Me: After getting 3 screws in my thumb last year I do not have that strength and again these Fulcrum rims suck.
Gunnar: You F-ing &^%$ give me that.
(He tries to remove the tire with out a lever and fails. He grabs the tire lever, swears at me and struggles but is successful.)
Me: They are just as hard to put back on. Sometimes you have to use a lever.
Gunnar, Matt and Kean: F-ing….blah, blah….you wimp…we can do it.
Me: ok
(Gunnar begins wrestling with it failing miserably. Matt helps and finally the TWO of them get the tire on the rim.)

My flat is fixed and I did nothing.
The force is strong in this one it is!!!..hehe

Goose and Bunny at the 100 mile mark.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.
100 miles!

It pains me to say that gunnar and Jackie were the last two standing this weekend. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tour of California...wait for us

Crap, our ds DS Gunnar did it again. Just like last year he got the Tour of California dates wrong.
Do you see our names?

Thats right, no!!
I guess we will have to stick to the dirt.

Ok, more coffee and a 4 hour fixie ride!!!

Maybe next year. Tear it up Floyd, do it for your dirt roots!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winds are blowing indeed

And that means that it's time to start paying more attention to your-
Riding and Drinking.

Head on over to Cycle-Dumb to be refreshed, reconstituted, reconditioned, and regurgitate.

Yeah boy.