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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Please Welcome Pickle Man

To the fiend Family of Inspirational Blogs!!

AKA JR Petsko
AKA Fatboy Bikes
AKA our favorite newest non-Smoker
AKA this whole list that he uses on his email signature-
J.R. Petsko

Nature's Essence Photography

Head Photographer
iPlayOutside, Inc.

Exec. Director
West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

P.O Box 660
Davis, WV 26260

Nice change from "Ex. Director" there JR...

And what he lacks in spell check and word usage he *more* than makes up for in friendliness, helpfulness, goodness, and exuberance. Whew, seems like I have a man-crush...

He's been there and doin' it.
And good for us all that he is.

1 comment:

Fat-Boy said...

ouch! Fat man in tights... I been told by papa Rob that Cannondale is going to have clydesdale clothing soon.. I be all kinz of sexy then!