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Thursday, September 11, 2008

There is a season...Turn, Turn, Turn!!

(editor's note, not all of us are throwing in the towel on MTB racing!
Nars, Bunny, and PickleMan are all racing the Big Bear Ultra Saturday!!)

Well Fan, last weekend was the final WVMBA series race, The Dirt Derby. This was a pretty cool course to ride on a singlespeed but SUCKED to race on a SS. It was a "controlled" road start (which seemed like 10 miles) that was absolutely painful and horrible for we SS kids. Followed by a wicked fast "very" single track section. This section was fine for an SS but by the time we hit the woods most of we SS kids had spun out and were trying to stay in front of the beginner class. So passing was hard, at times dangerous but had to be done. I absolutely buried myself in the first 30 minutes trying to chase down the overall leaders when finally sketchy Johny M. caught me at the top of a hike-a-bike as the steam was blowing out my ears, ugh!! I let him go thinking we had three laps, I was tired and I typically can reel Johny in after 2 hours. I continued trucking along passing the sport class guys and finally catching most of the pro/ex field. I was joined by fellow SS friend Joey R. for a bit but he disappeared after after a few miles. It was good to see him out there since this was the place he had that bad crash last year.

I kept chugging along. I was told that I was gaining on Johny half way through lap two. Sweet I thought, I will catch him soon enough after we start lap three. Nope, as I began the road climb to start lap 3 I was told to turn at the top toward the finish line. Oops, I guess the prologue thingie was lap 1 so I never caught Johny and ended up 2nd...still in the money at least and won the SS WVMBA series too.

With this being the WVMBA series final if you were hoping to place in the series you had to do this race since it was added to all your points. I was one point behind Benji going in so it was going to come down who beat who for first. It was surely going to be an exciting race between he and I, however, I am sad to report that Benji's son re-entered the hospital just days before the race so he was unable to attend. I truly did not want to win the series under these circumstances. Some of we SS kids were willing to amend the series rules some to allow Benji to keep his 1st and for me to keep my 2nd since mathematically no one could pass us in points if both Benji and I were there racing no matter how bad we did. So a race for 3rd!! A vote was taken and not everyone agreed to this, democracy at work I suppose, so in the end I have won the SS WVMBA series in a bitter sweet manner as I was looking forward to a hard day in the saddle of knocking elbows with Benji for the series win. Benji still held on to 5th, good work sir. We at Team Bi-atch hope your family and young Sammy are doing well. Next year we will do it again with Sammy cheering you on brother.

So that was the end of the MTB/Road season, kind of, we still will be hitting a few MTB and RR in the coming weeks but no more points or series will be chased until cross starts in a few weeks.

Bi-Atchs heart their Cannondales.

This is the turning point of a very long but very successful season and we Bi-atch's end this chapter with 3 series podium slot's in the WVMBA series and two in the NUE series. Not bad, not bad at all. That cycle dumb training really works.

Betsy: 1st Pro WVMBA, 2nd Women NUE Series
Gunnar: 3rd Pro WVMBA (even without those Mountwood points AND getting a flat at the finals!), winner of TWO SS NUE races!
Me, Chris: 1st SS WVMBA and 3rd SS NUE Series

So, it's time to re-glue some cross tyres and to practice some dismounts. See ya at the MAC and MABRA cross races fan.

Thanks and shout outs:
- JR for making WVMBA happen and for quiting smoking, you rock!
- cyclingnews.com for feeding our or my narcissism
- Uncle Rob and Cannondale for some great bikes and gear
- Gunnar and Betsy for being good friends, travel mates, competition, Bi-atch mates and weekend roommates
- to all the hardy WVMBA soul's that come out every weekend making this labor of love all worth it

The Tandumb won the Clydesdale class!

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

Peace Chris
(editor's note- sniff, sniff)

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