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Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Training Camp! Part Uno

Fun and Frolics Galore.

February 29, 2008, the day that sometimes doesn't exist. Waiting for the slacker Chris to show up for Camp.
He's running late having already postponed camp a week or so cause he had a "flat tyre".
Well we got a bit tired of waiting for him, so we started the flow of libations-

And we waited some more.
Then we started "playing" with Betsy's new race rig, as evidenced by the photo on Powder Puff's Blog

But soon enough we got word that Chris had made it past the blizzards and other obstackels that were impeading his getting to Camp at a decent hour.
So the Motown crew made our way downtown to pickup some Chinaland food and meet Chris down there, since he was so lacking in sustenance by this hour, about 10pm.
Luckily for Chris it was a warm night and he was greeted to a busy Motown and got to see a group of young lassies barfing within 5 minutes of his arrival. Sorry he didn't get to photo-document this.

But we did finally make our way back to HQ and what a sight of sore eyes it was for him, he that was tired, thirsty and of hunger-

So instead of playing on computers or sitting around a campfire we watched a local favorite Night of the Living Dead, filmed just north of Pittsburgh, around where my mother grew up. Drink as we might it was just not the thriller that was needed for our tiring state. We couldn't even make it through to the end, so at about the half way point, we all started clamoring for our bunks (it is camp you know).

The next morning was a bit on the dismal side, snow.
Here's Cheeto, up before Chris at the crack of 10am-

So we finally wrestled Chris out of the top bunk and plopped him down in front of the TV with some fresh pancakes and free-ranging egg sandwiches and finished up NotLD, poor Ben he just never saw it coming...
That really set the mood so we sat around drank much more coffee, played w/ Jackie some, smoked some ciggys and chatted.

The foul weather was not for long and didn't dampen our spirits, for the spirits were already flowing when we gathered the troops and headed out for a romp.
Dave Light, of big legs and fashion was to be amongst us as well and we headed down to the rail trail.
From there we got a bit bored and so decided to go up to Colinsferry Road and do a little "tour of the homeland" for Chris.
We went over to where they are building the new WVU Alumni Center, aka Big McDonaldland-

Then rode past Betsy's place of employment, up to the Law Center to check out the future site of the WVU Practice Race Place. Then over to close by where Chris slummed for some 10 years. Then weedeled our way through Suncrest and found ourselves on Van Voorhees Road which we took to Baker's Ridge and back down to the Rail Trail, thusly proceeding north to Point Marion and places unknown.
Dave L. took his big legs to win the state line preme, and then went home. Leaving before an inevitable defeat at the hands of a Bi-atch rider.
Goose, myself (P.J.) and Judy went then across ye Iron Bridge and on to the dirt road from there to Fort Martin. It was mucky and yes, we did encounter the Great Danes of Dirt Road. We let Chris out front to handle them, as he is larger in girth and stature.
Whew. Getting tired. Tired then too.
From there we raced over hill and dale, finally coming back to Granville where I, PJ, did win the sprint.
Goose was not to be outdone and lead out the sprint for Westover from a little after the tipple on the far end of Granville. This was much to his undoing as he then was blown for the last hill double-points sprint at the top of the hill (which PJ won and Judy came in second).
We rode around some more, looking and the new and different sights for Chris and finally headed up the trail and hills to home.
Total ride time was about 3.5-4 hours.
And oh yeah, Goose was on his geared Cross bike and me and Powder Puff were on our SS Cross machines. And *he* was the one tired at the end of the day!!!

Lucky for us, Mark Rosso was walking his dog by HQ soon after we arrived and so was able to get photo documentation of the BMX Bandits post ride-

Doesn't Goose look tired. We whooped him good, reeeal good.

I gotta take a break, but needless to say the drinking, I mean hydration, never really stopped and even Jackie got in on it-

Whew, we *are* heros.

Lost member contact and sighting!

Afters years and months of searching, relaying messages via pigeons, and almost giving up...

Freddie Stouffer has been seen (well digitally at least) and spoken to!
This is good news.

He also tells me that he has started riding again on a cross bike that his reps/dealers got him for X-mas a few years back.
He says that he uses it for his road, mountain, and cross riding. Just like back in the days at Milbury, MA, CCCP #2. Nothing But Cross.

And he's gotten a little filled in and I'm pretty sure those are fellow riders there too-

Sadly the only action shot that the Bi-atch CyberBorg system was able to take was him playing kickball out in the ghettos of Madison, WI, but hey, it's a start-

Good to see you in action there Freddie, now get some shots of the pooch on the saddle and/or one in your wife-beater, like the rest of the clan.