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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sleepn' til noon!!

It is the first Saturday since April that this Bi-atch is not some where else or getting ready to go some where else for some sort of race. It does feel nice not to be in a rush to make it to some starting line some where but admittedly I am a little antsy especially with the first MAC race is starting today less then 3 hours away from the DC CX headquarters. I felt like total crap in last weekends Coppi RR and my body was screaming at me for a break. It has been a long however pretty successful season so a Saturday of rest and coffee will be just fine. The Director advised it and made it a mandate for Bunny and I. It's going to be a long Cross season too so some rest will do the body good.

Don't worry fan there is plenty of racn' for you to come out to though, I believe new daddy and Bi-atch member Mike Y. will be racn' up in the MAC season opener, Bunny and the Director will be finishing up the WV road series tomorrow and I will be hitting the second MAC race over in the Charm City tomorrow too. So plot your course on your GPS unit and come cheer us on.

Happy belated talk like a Pirate Day!!! This is the Director's favorite holiday of the year. I am sure Betsy is glad it is over.

Also, word has it the Director is in negotiations with some anonymous fella that is kinda fast that just came out of retirement. This fast fella was so impressed with the Directors old Diamond Back team mate, Dave Wiens, beating him at the Leadville 100 that he too wants some of the Directors knowledge. Perhaps we will have a chance in France again. Floyd, Cadel, Dave, Mike Y., Bunny, Goose and young Freddie who may be next...

Our Director!!!

Time for some more coffee, NPR and to think about riding. Oh, I am sorry for the lack of new photo's but my comp and camera are not getting along so I am unable to down load photo's but here is an ole-fav. There is some devise I can buy but who knows how long that will take for me to purchase.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.


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