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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Off to the Races!

Notice it is the first MAC weekend.  Notice the Shogren's aren't there!  This is the first MAC race we've missed in 5 years for me, and probably 7-8 years for gunnar. There are many reasons for our absence, which we may or may not get into on this blog.  

Instead, we will be racing the glorious Mountain State Road Classic, a race that should not be missed if it can be at all helped.  Of all the crippling WV road races this summer, I might venture to say this one is the most crippling.  You also might recall that quite a few years back a rumor was spread that gunnar would help some girl out for a kiss.  While this was just a rumor, apparently the girl in question is still quite sore about it, as evidenced by the incredulous lecture I received from the aforementioned woman at the Joe Martin Stage Race last year.    Let's just say she was quite appalled when she heard my last name was Shogren.  

Anyhow, a full race report will follow, including all kissing that goes on during the race.  See all the fun that goes on during a WV RR!?  Now you understand (one reason) why we are missing the first MAC weekend!


crs said...

Did you get lucky Gunnar?

Is reason #2: Gunnar did not build Bunny's bikes yet?

gunn4r said...

Like they say- "you make your own luck"
And mine was good... AGAIN!!!
Those young'ins still haven't figured out this race.

Betsy won too, but that's more a "given" then it is for me.

Fine day for racing out there indeed!

We got some frames sitting on the porch as we speak.

And with that, it is now Cross season!

Ha ha!

crs said...

I meant lucky with the ladies.