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Friday, September 12, 2008

As it was in the beginning...

So shall it be at the end. Unfortunately, in this case, that refers to wet and sloppy, just as it was at the first race of the season (Mountwood). Hopefully it will not be too cold, though. Tomorrow is the Big Bear Ultra, one of our favorite races, and a fine race with which to end the mountain bike season. And, it is only 50 miles-- downright short! We are supposed to be camping right now, but a) it's raining, and b) somebody came down with a sore throat today at work. So, we'll just be up bright and early and that pesky sore throat can just show itself to the door, thank you very much.

Also, send some good vibes to FatBoy, PickleMan, or whatever other nom de plume you know JR as. He is going to race this race (his longest race by far), and we have a special surprise for him !!

JR, we will have this confectionary masterpiece waiting for you at the finish line!!!


crs said...

I never get treats like that for finishing.

And for the record fan, I travel an extra 6-7 hours back and forth from DC after every WVMBA weekend.This is rarely mentioned so no Big Bear for me. I am tired and since I am tired I am doing a 75 mile RR near DC. So there Gunnar.

Fat-Boy said...

I Heart You Guys!