Hanging out, ready to sing some Blues

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cross Opener for Chrissy :(

Charm City MAC #2
I rode like poop and now I am grumpy.
Gunnar knows I am grumpy so the insults have been limited.
But they will come I am sure.
This is also the first Sunday in months that I am not on the road traveling until 1am from some race event. And TV stinks and I am too tired to read now I am even more grumpy.
I have cross gut and lungs too, more grump.
Gunnar and Betsy won today though. Good work team.


Kyle Jones said...

Chris, stop it, you sound like me.

crs said...

Oh, we all experience a little late season self-loathing-doubt now and again Kyle.

How are things with you?

Kyle Jones said...

Things are great. I have reached the 5th stage of grief and just am learning to accept the end of this season of no results. There is always next year, right. You have had a few good result if my memory serves me right. The thing I find to be a challenge is not to take it so seriously when you spend a lot of time doing it. See ya around hopefully.