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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Broken wrist and Cross #1

Well fan, I jumped in my first Cross race since breaking my wrist less then two weeks ago. Yeh, I know, that's dumb but what else am I going to do. I'm a bike racer that's what we do. I chose to race in my age graded class instead of the elite race just because. The wrist hurt a good bit but most of my trouble lies in the fact that I do not have any top end cross fitness after taking close to two weeks off since the crash. A mediocre ride with a mediocre result, oh well, its good training and I had mad FUN so it does not matter. Besides I have a broken wrist give a guy a break. I guess doing well in 100 mile MTB races does not mean you"ll necessarily do so well in cross racn'. Its a start though and there is plenty of time to find some cross form, or not! I am happy to report that Gunnar won our race and Betsy won hers, yeh Bi-atch's!!!!! So whats next? Another try tomorrow. Time to ice the wrist.....

Other news, the BMX track was closed and Betsy and I tried out for the OUTLAW CHEERLEADERS. Ahhh yeh.....

The fall try out!

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