Hanging out, ready to sing some Blues

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Think we may have missed our Tour start...

Well we *were* ready.

Had all the gear and I thought Goose had told me correctly.
Look at the poor sod, this is a man that is ready for racing in Europe, Joe Parkin and Bob Roll style-

But then I just found out that the blasted thing has already started!

We were so close-

Then somehow got misdirected, zigged when we should have zagged and found ourselves somewhere else.

First we don't make it out to Tour of Kalifornia because of the bus and now this?
What will Casdorph Piano say? Cripes.

Well I'm sorry fan.
I think we've disappointed you once again.
Such is the Lyphe (Lyfe?, which do you like?).

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