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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Louisville, KY; The Part "thinking past Act III"

Just so you know fan.

Not only do little details like whether or not we run 11/27 without the 14 or without the 12 going on, we also have the extreme logistic nightmare that will be-
July 3, 3:35pm, Tandumb Race.
* Finish race a little before 5;45pm. Attend awards. Pack up. Get something good to eat in Hipsterville/Bardstown.
* Get out of Louisville, KY around 7-8pm?
* Start driving back towards the homeland and the annual Barbour de Tour.
* Sleep where? Sleep when?
July 4, 10am, Barbour de Tour.
* Race with no or little sleep.
* Start driving home in the early afternoon sometime.
* Take naps, attend the Voorhees Gala.
* Return home, pass out.
July 5, 12pm, Race to Lil Moe's Place or St. Albans Grand Prix.
* Drive more, race more, drive more.
July 6, sleep till noon, ride somewhere to complete our Stage Race that doesn't have a name, yet.
* Pass out, fall apart, completely unravel. Multiple times I suspect.

Right now it's the calm before the storm...
And we're out of beer.

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