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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Post-Travel Depression.

I have been home for a week after being on the racing road for over three weeks. Being on the road is so simple and so easy in so many ways. Your worries on the road: race well, train if needed, ride, rest, eat and make it to the venue kinda on time. The bigger worries are, will we find vegetarian eats and will this state have a Sheetz. You tend to be frugal and "green" too, aside from the gas thing. You travel with good company while enjoying the conversations of your mates and scenery our fine nation has to offer. You become so far removed from your "other" life. Its that simple and structured life that makes the lyfe so disciplined and at times hard. I heart the lyfe.

Then you get home with some relief. But you soon get over whelmed with "real" life. The pile of junk mail and bills on the stairs, you start thinking about that girlie, you listen to the 1 voicemail you received over 3 weeks, you contact the folks and finally check out the news....ahh George Bush is still president!!! You quickly miss the simplicity of the gypsy lyfe of the racing road. You yearn for the next escape.

Alas, we are off to Vermont for 5 days. The simple and structured lyfe continues.

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