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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MABRA Elite Crit Champs: Hagerstown, MD

I arrived at 3pm for the 3:15pm start. How can I be late for such a late start at a venue that is just an hour from my house? I have no clue. Perhaps I need a secretary or a life coach but mostly I just need to get my head out my butt. Oh well, that is how we at Team Bi-atch roll most of the time. My warm up consisted of a 40-foot coast to the porta potty followed by a 60 ft pedal over to the starting line.
And off we went….
I have not been in a crit in awhile so I was mostly feeling like pack fodder and in fact my only purpose for being there was to get some hard efforts in before Mt Snow, so pack fodder was just dandy. The first few laps were rough as I still had heavy legs from the Wakefield MTB training race from earlier in the week and my warm up was less then stellar. But after 15 minutes my legs came around and I started feel ok, sweet!! Move up, move up and then bang, screech, skid, a crash in front of me, ahhhh! I take the high side line around the wreck, oh boy. Ugh, I am headed right for the curb. I use my macho MTB skillz to bunny hop, ah yeh. Back wheel please come down please, endo, endo…ahh two wheels on the grass, what-what!! Yikes, there is a guy sliding on the grass next to me. He must not have the macho MTB skillz that I have. Eek, that looks like it hurt. I get some cheers as I fly down the side walk. Looking, looking, yes a wide drive way to re-enter the course. I look over my shoulder and see a few guys that got dropped missing the crash too. Sweet, Super Dave O. is leading the charge to catch the main group. Dave ain’t called super for nothing. Now fan, sometimes my A.D.D really kicks in during a race so here is a brief dialogue my pea brain had with it self for the remainder of my race…

Chris-“Wow, that Dave is strong”
Chrissy-“Ouch, I really nailed my junk during that macho MTB move”
Goose-“ That girl in the Nature Valley kit is mad cute”
Chrissy-“ Maybe I should have gone to Windham”
Chris-“I think I need to puke”
Chrissy-“I don’t have crit legs”
Goose-“This really hurts”
Chris-“Why do I do crits?”
Goose-“A climb or a rock garden would make this bridge easier”
Chrissy-“If I did not race bikes what would I be doing right now?”
Goose-“I hope Blackbear is still open when I get to Mo-town”
Chrissy-“Yummy, Sheetz”
Chris-“Oh shit, Super Dave bridged the gap”
Chrissy-“Oh shit, Super Dave bridged the gap with out me”

Two more laps and then I explored the roads of Hagerstown for an hour.

Off to Northbend for a MTB race.

Peace Goose

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gwadzilla said...

good luck in vermont!