Hanging out, ready to sing some Blues

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Make the fan proud.

And quite dicking around on your phone.
Let's get outta here and up to the course you big oof.

You're welcome Chris.
Thanks Chris's Dad!

Here we go, yes I want my visor honey.
It's really hot out yes.
We are all fretting.
Can you tell?
Am I doing a good job of relating the tension and excitement?
Chris says we need some Slayer or Maiden... "Run to the hills, run for your life!!!"
Chris, you can switch to a lighter colored jersey. Yes you can!
Umpteenth time...
Quite reading over my shoulder Betsy.
Betsy has her visor, she don't need more sunblock.
Yes I have a tube.
I'm signing off Bunny.
Chris is belching and going back to the potty.
This is never going to end.
Ok, I'll close the door when I poop next time. Sorry.
Are we ready yet?
Sorry kids I didn't want to turn on the light...
More critques?
"OK, let's race."
"Yes you look Pro Goose."
"Seriously, my money's on you."

1 comment:

Fat-Boy said...

Sitting here on pins and neddles for the next update! And please close the door when you go number 2!