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Monday, July 7, 2008

The "da Tour" ends as we race the Muck at Lil Moe's Place

The nearly three week gypsy racing road trip ended much like it started, poorly for me. This illness, lack of sleep and a few days of hard racing all added up to a blah day for poor Lil Chrissy at the Race to Lil Moe's.

But fan here is the cliff note account from me...

For the 24 hours before the race there was a torrential down pour causing the whole course to be fairly sloppy to say the least. In the dry this course would be wicked fast and fun, but in the wet, ouch. We headed off on the very sloppy prologue loop and I found myself 2nd behind Ben O. with Benji K. on a SS just behind as we entered the woods. Sweet, I am riding well and just maybe I will try to contest the overall on my SS today. I let Benji by to set the SS tempo and a few geared guys passed he and I on the first climb. I was riding well and feeling confident....
Until, I took a header which knock the wind out of me and threw my H2O bottles everywhere. Gunnar, John and LB passed as I was slow to get up. Let the chase begin. Ahh nope,well, that's it. My body shut down and lap 1 turned into a ride no race. Lap 2 I began to rally and had LB with in reach...
Until I completely unraveled, bonked, cried and walked a whole lot. I went from a minute down on LB and Johnny to over 10 on lap 3. Excellent. Lap 3 did lend itself to some entertainment. I found poor Joey R. stuck in fallen tree. That was pretty exciting and lucky for Joey as that could have been a lot worse.

Nars rallied and sweated his way to 4th overall.

Goose, wishing the race was only 1 lap.

Bunny, finishing on a flat, and apparently the only Bi-Atch still happy.

Photos and the results:

So the gypsy tour comes to an end as I plan to head back to DC some time on Tuesday just to hit the road again Friday. I heart this lyfe!!! I am tired, achy, sore though and in need of a massage. Maybe the team needs a masseuse, yeh, try outs at my house please apply. YAY!!

On tap:
1.I was going to head to a NORBA race in NY but I ain't riding that well yet and the USAC, well you know. Maybe a crit on Saturday and then a WVMBA race at Northbend. The race is for an important cause http://www.iplayoutside.com/Events/2008/07/10566.html

2. Mt Snow MTB Nationals. I have to decide which will get me more groupies, a Single Speed stars and stripes or my age group. Please post your opinion.

3. Wilderness 101, aahh yeh!! Chris S. rocks!!!!! I did the originals as a junior in 1991,92 & 93 and it still hurts the same with these fancy bikes.

4. Some other stuff and then Georgia for the Fool's Gold 100. We are chasing NUE points now.

Shout outs and stuff:
- Thad, awesome races
- Lil Moe, whoever you are you own a great bar and thanks for letting us ride your property

Lil Moe's & Philippi is the place to be.
- Uncle Rob and Cannondale for taking care of us
- Robbie and Pathfinder for taking care of us
- JR, for finishing strong, for quitting smoking still and feeding my narcissism even more

JR, looking good, Buddy!!
- Team Bi-atch: Jackie, Betsy and grumpy Gunnar it was good racing and better times
- And to all that try, whether you are out to win or just the personal challenge it all hurts the same, you all ROCK!!

As always...Get out there ride, have fun and ride some more. It is cathartic ya know...better then _______ I have heard!

Until the next gypsy adventure.
Peace Chris

Very large, very scary, unidentified flying object.


Joey and Mandi said...

go for the single speed stars and stripes!
Single speeding is always more fun!


Fat-Boy said...

Just read the blog.. As always it nice to see my name up in lights, but damn that photo. Is it just me or do I look like a hobbit or something. Looks like I have a man's size upper body with legs that are about a foot to short.. ohh and Chris I say SS at Nats, but I dont know anything..