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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blog Update. Post VT

Chris has left HQ but he expects an update.
And I guess you do too fan.

We're all tired, exhausted, achy, groany and moany. Some more than others.

Betsy kicked major booty w/ her first National MTB Title, SS Women, and then further impressing the world by jumping in the Pro race on the same bike and finishing.
Course now she has a wrecked thumb and not-so-good-working legs.
Here she is wrestling her new jersey on-

Richard Fries was nice enough to have the SS awards last to ensure that Betsy would be able to attend since she was still out there laying waste to herself while the other Expert awards were being given.
She certainly didn't disappoint.

All I got was this from some June Bug going down in front of me-

And then Crazy Czech Clara fixing me up at Valley Falls the next day-

We did a pretty good job of wrecking the condo-

And in a great showing of good will and all that idealistic rubbish, Team Bi-atch and the WV Night Club members got to be snuggle buddies in the back of Clifford-


Cara said...

way to go betsy and team bi-atch! :-)

Fat-Boy said...

wow I don't know who I fell worse for. Nars and his hurt leg. Bunny with her wrenched thumb or everyone with there wasted legs. I guess I fell bad for the condo the most...

gwadzilla said...

as per usual

and the mcgill drooling on the pillow?
as per usual


the driving alone would have me sleeping for a week!

great racing!
all with the Wilderness 101 next weekend!