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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Louisville, KY; Mast. Natz Part 1.3

It's 2:19pm, do you know where your Bi-atch is?

They are mostly sleeping.
Chris is seen here putting the final preparations on for his 65 mile road race this afternoon at 4pm-

Betsy is seen here after the rather strenuous morning and early afternoon spent at the Lousiville Zoo, a certain highlight of her trip for sure-

I'm just trying to get rid of a nagging headache and putting something up here for our fan-

Last night was most excellent though.
We got back to the Villa here at the Hampton. Goose and Betsy took naps-

I looked busy for a while-

Then I worked on the Tandumb, trying to figure out the best way to put an 11 tooth cog on the rear, making sure the shifting was working and generally just getting some more sun on the shoulders-

After that we all headed up on our bikes and went back up towards Cherokee Park and Bardstown Rd, where all the hipsters hang. We had spotted a little Vietnamese/Chinese Restaurant that was across from La Bamaba (Burritos as big as your head!) so we decided to bike on back up there. Goose on his single and Betsy and I on the Tandumb, NBT from here on out.
LOTS of freak watching and us commenting and then of course riding back to the Villa once it turned dark.
First we did have to take photos of the "Eddie Van", Goose has an Iron Maiden cassette he swears and I know I have a little on vinyl-

Indeed it was bearing down on 10pm by the time we got on back home, we did have to slow way down to wait up for Chris as he just can't motor like the Walddie wearing cool kids that Betsy and I are-

The rest of the evening was already done once we got to the room.
Watch some dumb TV, get sucked into a Law & Something until everyone is snoring.

Well I'd tell you more about today, but we gotta get going.
Goose is finally woken from his second nap of the day, getting his flask of whiskey and gel going, Betsy is going potty and I'm just hoping that my batteries have charged enough so I can get Chris's macho moves AND the podium captured.
Race #2 coming right up!

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