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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Louisville, KY: Act II " The Tragedy"

This will be short but not so sweet just like my race...
Lingering illness+vomiting+Road Nationals=a very sad Chris :(

I raced like CRAP!! The highlight, me vomiting over my shoulder as we were single file at 30mph. Need I say more.

I should of stayed up in NY and visited the folks longer.
Nah, the Shogren's and I are having fun OFF the bikes in Louisville.

For many here this was the event they had been preparing for all season. Their single focus to peak for. For me I wanted to good ride but my whole season did not surround this single event. We are 30+ races in for the season with 30+ to go so that makes for a long hard season and you can not peak for them all and you certainly have to expect some disappointment from time to time. It is that disappointment that allows the wins/good rides to feel so fresh and new each time you have one. So its time to lick the wounds, time to get healthy, do some quality training, focus on Mt Snow(something that is a big focus) and the remaining NUE 100 milers.

Sad Goose out!!

But we have this first...
Barbour Detour July 4th
Hit the dirt July 5th...I miss the dirt

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