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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Louisville, KY: Road Natz Act I

Fan, it has been a rough week and a half for poor little Chrissy. I have pedaled very little since Davis. I came out of that weekend sick as dog. I even had a fever for a few days, eek!! But things are looking up for us Bi-atch’s. The Director after a month seems to be healthy, Bunny had a week of crap but seems to be on the mend and I am on the road to being healthy again too. I am confident yet realistic with the three races we have coming up this week. Sickness, junk food, mega-travel and little riding can cause the body to go in to shock and awe the first race back. But I will survive and do my best. But here is the tale so far for ya fan…

Louisville, KY, here we are. It’s a fine little city. In the western part of town you have endless pawnshops and check cashing joints. I really do not think the Bush economic stimulus plan is helping or maybe that is why there are so many check cashing joints?...HHHMMM!!! To the east is Bardestown, where you have the hipster, scene-kid and southern belle part of town with all its trendy cafes, bars, restaurants and such. You know this place. Bush’s plan seems to working here. And Team Bi-atch is staying smack dab in the middle of both “hoods”. I wish I was healthier so I would be more inclined to explore, but we athletes must treat our bodies like a temple ya’ll know that. So Louisville will have to wait for my non-spandex arrival on some other trip. However, and lucky for me we have over 50 women collegiate volleyball players staying in our hotel. Ahhh, yeh!!!

The action began today with Betsy racing at the butt crack. We all rode out to the course together to lend Bunny the needed support and heckling required of Nationals. And I am happy to report young Betsy took the silver medal in what was a heroic sprint from the feather weight mountain biking climbing specialist. She kicked some roadie bootay and we Bi-atch’s are very happy for her. You are a rock star Bunny!!!!

The course looks like it will be a hoot. A twisty, turny, rolling 5 milish loop through Cherokee Park-another lovely manifestation from the Mr. Olmsted. I am excited to race there and I can only hope my poor sickly body can handle a race effort.

On tap:
1.Me, Chrissy RR Wednesday at 4pm
2.Betsy and Gunnar Tandumb RR Thursday 3:35
4. we head north east for a road race on the 4th and a MTB race on the 5th

Then I may head back to DC or stay in WV for a week. I may head to NY for a USAC race or I may race in WV. Who knows, who cares…it’s the lyfe right?

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