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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mt Snow, VT to Valley Falls, WV: The Chrissy report part II

...so we finished watching Betsy making macho moves in the Pro race and then we began loading the bus... but we quickly needed a mandatory union beer break though. Gerry is a cop so we had to listen.

And off we went. We slept, bickered and took turns behind the wheel for our 10+ hour journey back to WV.

We found some vegetarian eats around 12am at a Waffle House and then strolled on down the road. With about 50 miles to go around 2am we grabbed some gas and noticed fellow hardy soul's JP and Ruth sleeping in the back of their car as they too were planning on doing the double-header. The Shogren's, always being kind to wayward cyclist invited them home with the Team. We got in around 3am bedded down by 3:30 and off to dream about the victories that could have been and the victory that will hopefully be the next day.

(okay, maybe JR wasn't on this trip, but it seemed like a good time to use this pic).

(Not to mention he looks so angelic when he sleeps.)

We rose tired and achy, had some coffee and tweaked the bikes a little. Betsy decided to sit the day out as she was pretty cooked from the day before and she banged her thumb up pretty bad. Plus I am sure she was sick of the bus that had the sweet aroma of a boys locker room. It was probably the smartest thing decided by any of us since the trip began. So Gunnar and I loaded up and headed south with JP and Ruth in toe (LB hooked up the with WV Night Club crew). We were pleasantly surprised to see such a good turn out and even more surprised to see so many fellow hardy soul's that made the trip back from VT. Ahh, WVMBA has some tough characters that appreciate what we have. But sometimes we all need to make the journey to the big show to show others that the Mountain State regulars are still some of the fastest around.

Sorry fan, the race. We began on a very steep and long road climb and man did I feel like crap. About 10 of us pro/ex and SS kids started to role away, and it was painful. I must of forgotten my legs and lungs in Vermont, ugh!! Benji and Johnny both fresh pushed the pace and I finally had to say uncle. I entered the trail about 45 seconds behind in about 12th position and 5thish among the SS boys. I was happy to see Gunnar made the cut though. I felt bad and began to think this would just be another training day as my race legs were missing. But alas, after 25-30 minutes of just pedaling around my body started to come around. I entered the pain box and off I went to race. I knew I was going to be pretty far back but I was hoping I could dig my way up to the top 5 overall and hopefully I could catch Benji for the SS win. I began catching many including the Director whose day turned to training around the same time mine turned to racing. I worked my way up to 7th and never caught Benji so I got 2nd SS. Gunnar rallied and got 9th overall and 7th Pro/ex.

The course was a hoot but not for those that don't like to climb. Certain sections felt like a roller coaster, all wicked fast and twisty. It was a pleasure for sure. And unlike at the USAC race we were fed, thanked for coming and made some pretty good scratch too.
We shared some HOT beers with the WV Night Club kids, shared some tales, grabbed Jackie and off to the Bi-atch HQ. After a quick nap my journey continued back to DC...home by 2am. Such is the lyfe and I wouldn't change a thing.

Now some needed rest and off we go this weekend to the always tough
Wilderness 100. Chris S rocks!!!
NUE Series

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