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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Podium Place Holder

Apparently, gunnar has a new talent for sitting in for racers that have missed his or her podium. Attention race promoters:  I am pretty sure his services are for hire, if  you find yourself with an empty spot on the podium.  

Here he is sitting in for Mike Williams, winner of the 55+ IC Lite.  Notice the pained expression and crick in his back.  Jim Carlson, 3rd place 55+, looks a whole lot better than the old man Shogren.   I'm filling in for Nunzio in second place, but not very well.  Sorry, Nunzio.

Here's gunnar filling in for the 2nd placed female, Terry Spanogle.   He looks quite delighted with that second place!  You go, grrrl!!!

gunnar obviously knows the importance of putting a little shimmy in his shake!


KML said...

I have to say that you all make racing fun. Not only do you guys kick ass but you are so darn nice while doing it. I really enjoyed meeting you all at the Ed Sander Clinic,have always enjoyed watching you race and cheer you on!!

gwadzilla said...

gunnar is no body double for terri...

gunn4r said...

Says YOU.

Some say I'm good looking...

Let her know that this is what happens when you don't show up for the podium.

Bad form, not showing up for the podium (course I did miss mine on Saturday, but I had a good excuse...).