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Monday, October 13, 2008

110 chain ring "spacing"?

Poor Goose has fallen two too many times this year.

He's gone simple.
Or perhaps he's just aging prematurely.
But regardless, it reminds me of another SNFU song (I think they are the Artist of the Month for October).

The song is "He's Not Getting Older, He's Getting Bitter", not only did all their albums have 7 words in them, but a few of the songs did as well-

Life is full of its ups and downs
and this man has seen his share
Now he finds that he's losing his mind
just as fast as he's losing his hair
All he does in the old folks' home
is sit and shit his pants
And all he has left is memories
But now those too are fading fast

He's not getting older, he's getting bitter

Everyday he sits and waits for death to set him free
He looks and laughs at old photographs
Ones that he can no longer see
He wonders why dying takes so long
He wonders just what it's waiting for
He'd like to throw himself out the window
But his body doesn't move like it did before

He's not getting older, he's getting bitter

Poor Goose, we'll visit you though...

"Hi, I feel like poop. How do I look?"

"Ack, it went like this..."

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crs said...

Thanks, Jerk!!!