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Monday, October 13, 2008

A hoot at the Iron Cross...

Fan it was a splendid weekend in the mountains of Eastern Pa. The foliage is changing yet the temps, during the day at least, were summer like. It was a double day of some rad racn’ . Day #1 a traditional cross race followed by day #2 a 100k cross race. It felt more like a shortened Ultra-marathon race then a cross race though.

The weekend through Chrissie’s eyes….

Day #1.

I decided to sleep in a bit so instead of doing the Elite Masters at 11am I decided to do the Elite race at 2:30pm. I headed out of DC around 11:30am for my 2-hour drive to Michaux but I needed to leave no later then 11am so I could get in a warm up, opps, they are over rated. The NPR was jamming and I was making pretty good time. I figured I would get to Michaux by 1:30, which would allow me to actually get in a warm up. Ah, but I saw an old-timer struggling at a rest stop with his car jack so I decided to help out and change his tire for him (weekend FLAT #1). I arrived around 2 hopped on my bike said hey to Gunnar and off racn’ I went. The spiral off death was a hoot, Gunnar heckled, Betsy encouraged, JR snapped photo’s and I had fun popping wheelies and drooling on myself.

The Team got some sweet digs right near the finish line for our camping pleasure. We were certainly the envy of the campgrounds. We advertised for the cougar festival but no one showed. It was a great spot but man did our bunkhouse get cold Saturday night. We made the most of it and had a grand ole time chatting, sipping beer and jamming to JR’s laptop Itunes. Between the chill of the fall air and JR’s nonsleeping snoring we did not get much sleep but that’s normal before these big ole long races. It was better then the torrent we experienced before the Mohican 100 earlier this season.

Our Front yard!!!!

Day #2

I poked my head out of the bunkhouse door around 7am and saw folks already chamoised up. Ahh shit, did we sleep too late? Nop, just some over zealous folks getting ready way too early. Since our bunkhouse was smack dab in the middle of all the action we got to eat breakfast while heckling and offering chamois cream applications. No one stopped by except SteveO and Gunnar got to work. The riders meeting started about 100 feet from our bunkhouse and as usual Gunnar and I were still in our civilian clothes Team Bi-atch style. Oh boy 8:45am, time to suit up. The chamois was cold and the chamois butter was colder but oh so refreshing.

The race…

We headed out hard. I was somewhere in between 20-30 as we hit the spiral of death. It was certainly a sight to see 300 people flying around Saturday’s cross course. Around, around, around we went and off to the first climb we go. There was some gap’s formed and bridged yet by the time we hit the first climb I made the cut with the lead group of about thirty. The pace turned up with the road. A few got dropped but I held on. I was not feeling that great so I too eventually decided to ease up or got dropped. I was happy to see Gunnar make the cut on his SS(I rode gears, never again) and he was off and running with the overall kiddies with derailleurs. We hit the Jeep trail and I was probably around 25th. I saw Team Bi-atch pal SteveO and many others on the side of the trail fixing flats already… a few minutes later, bummer, my turn(weekend FLAT #2). I fixed it fast and jumped on the wheel of the Trek guy that won Saturday. We hit the ash fault and he was dragging me along at mock speed. Sweet, he would pull for 2 minutes while I only pulled for 30 seconds. Awesome, we took turns and cruised past all those that had passed us while fixing our flats. Back up to the top 30 I suspect, sweet…shoot flat #2 (weekend FLAT #3). Ugh, by this time my wrist was hurting and the dexterity in my hand was lacking. The result, one very long flat change, oh well, I waved to all the 150+ people that passed me including Bunny, Hi Bunny! After 10 minutes of wrestling with my tire off I went. The day would now be a ride and no longer a race, which was not bad at all. Sometimes when you are racing all macho like you never get a chance to look up to see the view’s and ah man the views were amazing. I chugged along encouraging folks while having fun. I flatted again (weekend FLAT #4) but did not worry too much about it. I bummed a tube, fixed it and just pedaled along. The wrist hurt some and I was a little disappointed but it was a good day.

Betsy killed it!!

JR crushing this young lady just under seven hours.

As for the Team they all kicked ass. Betsy had her hands full all weekend but in the end she crushed all comers. She is glad to see the women’s field getting more competitive however does not like the extra work. In the end, she won both days and the QOM. Good work Bunny. The old man Gunnar killed it on the SS giving the overall a run while winning the SS and 7th overall with a flat (weekend FLAT #5). And JR, did great. Competing in his first cross race and marathon type race. He finished both with stellar form. Good work Team!

The Old Man Crushed!!

Thanks to Yellow Breeches Racing for an awesome event and weekend.

Ansel Adams Shit!!

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.



Fat-Boy said...

"drooling on myself", ya I did a good bit of that myself... It was a blast even though I can walk today...

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