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Saturday, October 25, 2008

MAC round 3 & 4...solo

I headed out to round 3 and 4 of the MAC series (Granogue and Wissahickon) races alone this past weekend fan. The Shogren’s stayed close to home but I did meet up with Team Bi-atch member at large Mike Y. and baby Bi-atch Yozell and mom Erica.

Granogue was a hoot. It was a picturesque fall day and the course was pretty darn rad. I got there late after Google.maps and I had a small disagreement so I got to line up DFL. Sweet, with 70+ guys in front of me I could only move forward. With my warm up consisting of slamming a Redbull and a stop in at the Porta-John my expectations were high. I had a blast though, I chased down many groups, I am starting to feel like I may be developing some cross “form” as those 100 milers are still in my legs and smiles with drool was a plenty.


I pitted for Mike and headed off to Gotham to visit some friends and eat some dinner.

See me? No, I am waayyy in the back!

Thanks Kevin

Then day two. I actually arrived to Wissahickon early. Wow, warming up does have certain merits but at Cycle-Dumb Training we feel its over rated. Again not pre-reging gave me a killer starting position, yippee DFL again. Fan, you know what that means. Yup, it can only get better. And it did, chase, chase, chase…bridge, bridge, bridge still just pack fodder but I feel like a CX’er kinda finally so maybe I will pre-reg next time to see if I can duke it out near the front. Again, lots of smiles and drool were had.

The wrist is getting better and so is the cross “form” yippee, maybe by December I can make the podium just in time for this long season to be officially over. I do miss the mountain bike. Over all it was a great weekend. It would have been more fun with my mates but we all need a break.

This weekend…lots of sleeping in and DCCX 5 minutes from my apartment, yay no traveling. And the old man and I will be racn' twice. What possibly could go wrong? One reason I like DC.

See you out there fan!!

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