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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Welp fan, the team has been sweeping the podium all over the country this past weekend.

The Shogren’s are down in Lou-ville, Ky for road Natz. And I am happy to report that after three attempts they have won the Stars and Stripes in the tandumb race. Yippee, NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some late breaking news: Gunnar got 6th in his age grade race today (June 30). Great job team!!!!!! Check it...youtube interview

The rest of the team—JR, MikeyY and I…Chrissy tackled the Visitpa.com MTB festival up near Harrisburg, Pa. I am still deciding, but it may have been the hardest single day of riding and racing I have ever done. Two wins in two days though…yippee!!! Friday night was a wicked fun Night TT. I under estimated the distance but still won SS-Solo and 6ish Solo overall. MikeyY and his Teammate Wes S. got 2nd Duo while JR snapped some shots. Saturday was the real test. 9hr SS-Solo for myself, 9hr Solo for JR and Mike was doing Duo with Wes. It was a 8 mile killer loop. 95% of the course was single-double track that was incredibly twisty and slow with no less then 20 logs to bunny hop every lap. I had a horrible first two laps do to stomach cramps but after a 5 minute porta-john break things went well and off I went. I suffered at new levels and found a new pain locker to play in. JR rode like a champ and did his longest MTB ride. Not bad for a Clydesdale that just stopped smoking last year...you rock JR!!!
So the weekend wrap up….RESULTS
MikeyY: 2nd Duo
Chrissy: 1st SS-Solo 6ish Solo
MikeyY: 2nd Duo 12hours
JR: 25th 9hr Solo
Me, Chrissy: 1st 9hr SS solo 4th 9hr Solo overall 9h51min, 10 laps, 80 miles and bunny hopped 100+ logs

I am pretty darn tuckered out. Time for some R&R with the family.

And a big ole' thanks goes out to Mike Kuhn, his family and the Visitpa.com crew--we were treated great and the event kicked booty. I'll put this one on the 10' schedule for sure.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

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