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Friday, June 5, 2009

HELP WANTED: 24 Hours of Big Bear

The WVMBA Dream Teams (Yes, still pretentious for us) are back for the 2009 24 Hours of Big Bear with a few modifications to the roster. And yes, we will be rocking up in the sweet “oh so pro” 5 star resort area again. That’s how we roll!!!!!!!

WVMBA Dream Team Ladies: Returning: Cassie “one fast momma” Smith and Betsy “out of a 2 week retirement” Shogren. The new additions Cheryl “the masher” Sornson and some newbie named Sue Haywood (We have googled her name for results but have not found any). JR seems to think she is fast.

WVMBA Dream Team men: Returning: Chrissy “one gear is enough” McGill. The new additions: Gunnar “older then coal” Shogren, Steve Hill and Nathan Annon.

HELP WANTED for all of us: Nanny: to wake us, lube our chains, cook and keep up the morale. Being good with kids is a must. Chrissy and Gunnar bicker a lot and are very child like.

for Chrissy only: someone who smells good, doesn’t eat a lot and can easily be carried. A “she” is preferred. A qualified candidate should be willing and able to tell him what a cycling stud he is even if she doesn’t mean it or he isn’t. Chain lubing, tube patching and being bi-lingual are a plus.

Please apply. Qualified applicants will be notified by Monday June 8th. We will be out of the office all weekend road racing and mountain bike racing.
Team Bi-atch/ByBc/ WVMBA Dream Team thank you for your consideration.

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gwadzilla said...

this post is more likely to get people to go out an buy a Cannondale bike than to get Chris a girlfriend...

I say check one of those Russian Mail Order Bride pages..

crs said...

Thanks Joel.
I'll check those later.

Buy Cannondale!!!

m said...

Help wanted...A Nanny/attention giver? Sigh...3 months too late. Has the position been filled??