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Monday, April 27, 2009

Cohutta 100 Part 2: A bad day in the mountains of Tenn.

Well fan, The Smokey Mountain’s was one hell of a perfect place to spend Earth Day weekend. I had forgotten just how beautiful this region is. The New Leaf Adventure Company was the home of the 1996 Olympic white water competition and is smack dab in the middle of some of the country's most amazing scenery fo-sho.

Goose's Ghetto-Camp

Their course was extremely physically demanding with a whole lot of gravel road riding…climb for 30 minutes, descend for 5, turn left and repeat…for 6+ hours. I certainly would have preferred more trails but man oh man did we climb a lot and the views at the top of the ridges….sweet!!!

We Bi-atch’s did not have a stellar weekend but an “ok” one. The Oldman DS and Bunny probably should not have raced due to a lingering and developing illness. Bunny has reported that she has retired from racing and will be taking up knitting. She will be missed. I fell apart BAD in between aid station 2 and 3 which resulted in me falling from 3rd with 2nd in sight to 6th. After crying for my mommy for about an hour I ate a whole lot, got it together and rallied like a champ putting myself into the pain box on my terms. Sadly, I was unable to regroup with 3rd-5th but they were flying so who knows.

By day's end, two of us made it in the prizes and one us rode in with an old fan making for one very happy old school MTBer supporter. This was not how any of us hoped or planned for but that is racing…riding hard, having fun and making the most of the experience.

Nars-- too tired to fake a smile
Bunny--note the feverish glint in her eye
Goose--looks like he needs some good homecookin' from Mammy

That is it for now.

Miss Jackie is begging Nars for some AC in this vehicle!!!


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