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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well fan, this past Saturday the Team and I decided to take a break from the MAC series. We all just chilled in our respective cities and rode a little. I headed out on the cross bike to Great Falls on the C &O. It is ride I did a lot last fall but with all the CX racn’ we have been doing this season I have not had a chance. It is beautiful out back ride 3+-hour ride. The views are amazing, the route peaceful and the smells this time of year are wonderful. It makes me forget that I live in major city. That is until of course you get close to Great Falls and you hit mad hiker/tourist’s. Oh well.

Concrete Jungle!

Race Day…. I headed down to Charlottesville, Va. Sunday morning for Urban Cross. The lay out of the course was certainly unique…. lots of gravel-pavement, concrete obstacles, an abandon factory, two steep b#%l buster climbs, two-stair runs and one over sized litter box.

Go Director!!

The racn’ was a hoot. JR raced in the morning and did very well. He is hooked. Gunnar and I raced next in the Masters Elite. I was feeling like a CX rockstar for the first 30 minutes but I quickly started to move backwards but still finished with in a minute of the 6 or 7 guys ahead of me. It was fun racing with all the position swapping and such. The Director killed it and rode away from us early on and never looked back. Good jerb Old Geezer (I held Bernie back for ya…Happy B-Day...you owe we half the winnings). Then it was Bunny’s turn. A couple of the ladies swapped the lead with her for a lap or two but eventually Betsy rolled away. Go Bunny!! It’s not over yet; Gunnar and I decided to jump in the Elite race too. He duked it out for 3rd and I yo-yoed between 8th-10th. We both landed in the money, yippee.

Go Me, Chrissy!

Then off to dinner, to see Edgar Allen Poe, ok his old dorm room and we also had an improntu campus lesson from a nice UVA co-ed. Mad Da Vinci Code shit going on there. UVA certainly has a beautiful campus with many nice peep's that were happy to show us around. I miss the mountains and small-town college town life :(.

School is in session. Go Bunny!!!

Urban Cross was certainly a cool venue. It will defiantly be on the Bi-atch calender next season and it should be on yours too. Thanks Blue Wheel Bicycles.

And today I relax. Fan you may just think we are just super-duper-macho bike racers as we do live the “pro lyfe” more often then most but I am also a mind molder by day and have the day off, yippee!! Ok, time for more coffee and to start thinking about riding.

Oh, congrat's Team member at large Mikey Y. for riping it up in the MAC races in "dirty Jersey" and to JR for his bike racn' TV debut.

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.

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