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Monday, November 3, 2008

Lots of Cross in Merry-Land!!!

The Team took on two fronts Saturday. Bunny, The Director and Pickle Boy tore it up in Morgantown and I held it down on the MAC front out in Fairhill, MD. I had all my cold weather gear packed but man did it turn out to be a beautiful day. The course was a hoot, twisty gravel turns, into the hen house, over the barriers in the pavilion, lots of sand riding all while some killer DJ spun the vinyl, ok did shit on a laptop. As for my race, well, lets just say I had a fun hard training ride. But it was a whole lot of jolly fun. As is the "lyfe" is supposed to be.
Trying this new thing called warming up!

Sunday we Bi-atchs all converged in Merry-Land for the Kelly Benefits CX race in Rockburn, Merry-Land. The course was pretty F-ing rad with lots of elevation change, tons of turns, some double track MTB style, a cool sand pit, a wicked fast down hill and a table top-hip jump too. I got all crossed up over it on a few laps. If you aint gonna win you best look good. Gunnar crushed it and won our race, Betsy had a great race against MelanieS. and yes Powderpuff was the victor, JR in his 3rd CX race did great even with some starting line troubles and I mustered up a descent ride.

Betsy just finished up Cipollini style!!!

Its funny, the MABRA folks think I am some single track riding freak hill billy from WV while the WV folks think I am a DC roadie. Who do I belong to? Probably to the mountains.
The Director impressing Cougars with his
Justin Timberlake moves! Not bringing sexy back though.

The weekend was full of lots of drool and smiles. Hope you got to see us fan.
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Fat-Boy said...

The people in the D.C. actually called Chris a ultra mountain bike SPECIALIST...

crs said...

Well I am damn it!!

Rolo said...

They're just jealous that you're not scared to ride on the shoulder. Or bunny hop the newb who wiped out in front of you. Or get dirty or ride in the rain. I'll count you in for the mountains, though much of your competitive advantage in said mountains comes from "roadie fitness" and "roadie spin".