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Monday, November 24, 2008

Did it again.

On Crashing:

You will crash often.
Don't worry, we all do it.
You will ride again.

A lovely Haiku brought to you by Bunny over on our training blog Cycle Dumb Training. It seems as though I have been living this Haiku creed this cross season or as my nice friends and Team mates seem to think, all season. On Saturday, I did it again out at Superior Cross. After a minute or less of very hard racing, bam, the kid in front me went down wicked hard and I had no where else to go but down with him all tied up in his bike ending with some pretty good damage to me and his sweet Obrea. I normally bounce back from these things within seconds but this one was particularly violent. I slowly got up with one very sweet chainring tattoo on my rib cage which is also turning a nice shade of purplish green, 3 matching chainring tat's on my leg with the last and deepest gash ending 2 inches from my junk also turning a purplish green, an apple size swollen hip topped with a big ole gash and yes I landed on the recently recovered broken wrist. Day over.

"You will ride again"

So I did race Sunday a bit achy and sore. Did my injuries slow me who knows but I did ride again, near the back for most of the day, but I did ride again. I'll blame the injuries for my poor ride, the Director will not.

Even with my new aches and Tat's it was a good weekend. Gunnar took the C3 boys to school winning our race, Betsy had a fun time keeping Libby S. in check winning her race and I did wheelies for Gwadz's blog which I did NOT make it on.

Only a few more weekends left and the 2008 race campaign will be officially over until March(I think the first NUE 100 miler is in April, yippee) Some needed RR, movie watching and weekends of sleeping in are in store for sure.

Thanks Team Haymarket and Coppi for two sweet CX races. I may have my gripes about living in DC but we do have a lot of road and cross racn'.

Chrissy Crash A-Lot

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