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Friday, June 6, 2008

This weekend: 24hrs of Big Bear

Three fifths of Team Bi-atch will be headed to the 24 Hours Of Big Bear this weekend: Betsy, Gunnar and I. Mike Y. will be keeping it real in Pa. and Freddie S. will be keeping it real in his cubicle up at Trek in cheese land.
Our pretentious press release:

Come out to heckle, bring coffee and hand off some beer. Friendly faces will be appreciated during those AM laps.

Special shout out and thanks to all of our extended family in WV and DC that set up Gunnar and I with lights, we heart all of you!!!! As usual he and I are ill prepared for things. We can ride our bikes well but that’s about it, when not on two wheels or in spandex we are a confused bunch.

Incidentally, that assistant position still has not been filled (check the Bi-atch archives)!!

Good luck to all that are racn’ this weekend in what ever event you find yourself in.
Stay clipped in, ride hard, be safe and most importantly have fun and be kind to each other: we are all we got!!

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