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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Fun Just Never Ends

Things are just now getting rolling!

Check out our schedule straight from the Cycle-Dumb site-

Word has it that fellow Bi-atcher MikeY will be joining us for at least one of these w/e's and hopefully more.
More top-notch riders means more $$ in the Coffers!
And Jackie needs kibble!

Indeed thanks to fellow blog readers, past associates, and generally swell folks we got lights coming out our ears.
Shout out to Mike Caruso and Joel for setting us up w/ lights that are just as old as mine but in much nicer condition! Big Bi-atch hug-kiss thingie there.

MikeC come join the frey at Big Bear. We'll be staying at the Penthouse Suites in the shade as all the other sods suffer in the common grounds.

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