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Friday, June 13, 2008

A business casual race weekend.

The mud is not even dry from the 24 hours yet and we/I are off and running again. The early season plan was to do the Stoopid 50 (Chris S. Rocks) this weekend but the plan had to change. I missed one WVMBA race already which knocked me out of the points lead so in order to gain some needed points I/we are headed to the Appalachian Classic.
Appalachain/Appalachian Classic

It will be two days of camping and MTBing fun.
Saturday: Short Track and TT. This should truly suck on a single speed. Anyone got a geared bike I can borrow? Then some lake jumping and a wheelie contest that Jason Cyr promises to win or to crash hard. All followed by some booty shaking Bluegrass and beer. Hopefully, I will meet a purty country girl to share some booty shaking and adult beverages with.
Sunday: Its all business with the XC race.

It should be a hoot and bit more chill then the last two weekends and the weekends we have coming up. I will call this a business-casual race weekend which is needed and deserved.

I am looking forward to seeing and mingling with my 24 hour homies too(Jason, Joey and Andy) we did not have much time to celebrate last weekend. We got swarmed by the press and fan(s)!!

Most importantly a portion of the proceeds will go to help out a young member of the cycling family.
Sammy Klimas
Stay strong!!!!

So come out and play.

Ride well, take chances, be safe and be kind to each other in what ever event you find yourself in this weekend.
Peace out Goose (Chris)

Stay tuned for the report.

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