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Friday, June 20, 2008

A labour of love, a passion for lyfe...

The Team Bi-atch gypsies are off and running for a whirlwind “Pro-lyfe” tour. Here is our itinerary for our FAN.
June 21-22: Double Header in Davis, WV. Davis is one of the sweetest places to ride but it can bite ya if you’re not careful(last year I napped on the “moon-rocks” for 30 minutes after blowing up sky high)
Saturday: What is slated to be a brutal 60+ mile road race.
Sunday: Blackwater Bikes WV MTB State Champs
I will run solo up to NY to visit the family and race Tuesday night.
June 28-29 Ohio

Back to WV to meet up with the Bi-atch’s (Betsy, Jackie and Gunnar) and we are off to OH for a couple of crit’s. While in OH we will be putting on our Sunday’s best for a Betsy family function (Don’t worry Bunny, I own nice cloths and clean up well when I need to. I am the pretty boy on the squad). Yet again I am the third wheel.
July 1-3 Road Nationals in Louisville, KY.

Betsy and I will compete in our respective age group for the road Nats (“stars and stripes”, yipee) on Wednesday. Followed by Gunnar and Betsy raging on the Tandumb on Thursday.
We hit the bars in Louisville rocking our stars and stripes jersey’s before hopping in the bus to drive all night.
July 4th Barbour Detour RR in some-where, WV
July 5th The Director Sportiff and I arm wrestle to decide whether we RR or MTB race. I will win so we will MTB race http://www.iplayoutside.com/Events/?eid=2008/07/10563.html
I head back to DC to wash my undies and chamois. Ahh, a bed!!
Windham(NY), Mt. Snow(VT), Wilderness101(PA), Fool's Gold100(GA), Shen100(VA)…ahhh… then its September and time for cross, UUGGHH.
And mom wonders why I do not have a girlfriend.
The report's may be scarce in the coming weeks due to our schedule but fan do not worry we will report. And if your in the DC area hit the Avett Brothers show Friday and get me a Tee. Sorry I have to miss it.

Ride hard, take risk but be safe and kind!!

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