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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Chrissy update....

Sorry fan. I have been living out of the back of my van mostly for the last month. I have been racin' a whole bunch, visiting the family some, riding in some cool places, visiting and chilln' with some special peep's in NYC and racin' a whole bunch. My energy and interneting has been limited so I am sorry for the scarce updates fan.
So here you are a quick update...

The Fool's Gold 100 was a hoot. The director already gave the quick update. I did flat three times but he forgot to mention that I was marching back to aid station #1 for a 4th tube for 10-15 minutes before Bunny was so kind and threw me a tube as she passed. I was screwing around for 20+ minutes and the Director beat me by 29 minutes, hhmm!! Okay, no shit talk he was working me over when we were together so he would have probably still beaten me by a minute or two. The venue was awesome. The southern hospitality was great. The mountains and views are amazing(yet another reason to leave DC). All you mid-atlantic/north-east folks should put it on your schedule for next year for sure.

Fool's Gold

Ahh, then a little rest in NYC before heading back to WV for the ACE race. Benji and I are in a nail biter SS series chase as is Gunnar and Ben in the Pro/ex class so it was kind of an important race. Unfortunately, for both Gunnar and I we did not get the top spot in our respective classes as we hoped. I got misguided on lap one and re-entered the race ahead of the folks I was chasing. I sat up until I was back in the right placing but the steam was out of my sail' s and I pretty much coasted the second lap ending up in second behind Benji. Now I have to win the finals in order to win the series. Gunnar is in the same situation too as Nick W. showed up straight from roadie euro land and gave us all at WVMBA a pretty good body slam from the top rope. Gunnar did not win. So the Dirt Derby is going to be a nail biter for sure.

This weekend Team Bi-atch are headed to another Chris Scott badass production, the Shenandoah 100. Betsy and I are both chasing NUE series podium slots. So come out and watch, cheer us on and drink some beer. Ahh, the pressure!!!! I need a massage!!!

I guess its official I am still a WV'er Cyclingnews knows all. Sorry DC, but really have we ever had a true love affair with each other?
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