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Monday, August 18, 2008

Back from Pyrite Land

Fool's Gold page on the webby
I would like to point out that they have the results wrong for the women. Betsy was 2nd-

Betsy- 2nd, not on her A game
gunn4r- 1st SS, 5th overall, pretty much on his A game except 30 minutes prior to the race
Chris- 2nd SS, 7th overall, lots of flats and excuses, but a fine rally in the last 10 miles

We got back late last night, watched an episode of Millenium, got up sometime this morning, and now must go out to Big Bear to get some Pay Dirt hours.


And we did have to catch up on our emailing and such this morning-

No we didn't go tubing in Helen, though we certainly would have enjoyed it

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Anna said...

In addition to the pyrite, there was also a lot of muscovite mica. Sorry you didn't get a chance to catch some waves in Helen.

Nice racing Team Bi-atch!