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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Its a wrap!!!

Fan, sadly the 08 season has come to an end. Probably not soon enough for this Bi-atch as my cross form fell just as hard and fast as my bike and I did on many occasions during the fall cross campaign (pulled out of the last race this past weekend because simply I was just pooped). I’ll stick with the excuse that I was racing with a broken wrist since October too. That works right?

Chrissy's Cross season form diagram!!

We raced a few thousand miles, pedaled a few thousand more and traveled even thousands more. Close to 60 races that included four 100 milers, a 24 Hour race, a few double days, a few double days that turned into triple weekends, Bunny jumped in a stage race and many, many more. Many hotel rooms, sleeping in vans, all of us sleeping in the same van and many nights in the tent, such is “the lyfe”. We mostly had good days but we did have a few disappointments but all was fun because we were riding and racn’ our bikes.

Aside from the cross season for me, we Bi-atch’s had a rather stellar season over all. Between us all we mustered up a few state and regional championships (WVMBA and MABRA) and two top three’s in the NUE Series, oh some one won a "stars and stripes" too. Not bad for some easy going type B’s in a world dominated by too many hyper-serious type A’s.

Betsy had a near flawless season. She had a mid-season set back with a banged up thumb and a mild illness but still made the podium in almost every thing she entered (we won’t count the MAC final, ok Bunny). The grumpy ole Director had a month long something-or-other mid-season but has crushed ever since. Especially during cross, the geezer has been untouchable. He should of probably raced Elite. And me Chrissy, had a sickly set back for road nationals but rode pretty darn good most of the time on the mountain bike (we won’t include cross for me, remember BROKEN wrist :), hehe).

12am repairs the night before the MAC finals! Saturday Night Live with John Malkovich too

So as the Shogren’s and many other’s are getting ready for one last go of it out in KC for CX natz its time for me to kick back, allow a few injuries to finally mend proper like and do a little chilln’. No pedaling until the new year and in general little to no “training” type silliness for at least two or three weeks.

To occupy my time I’ll be doing some Facebooking and reading the 9 year old, Alec Greven’s book, “How to Talk to Girls”. The Director insisted becoming a super-duper macho SS racer would land me some ladies. It didn’t, so hopefully the precocious young Greven can help me out. Wish me luck , I have a little over a month to perfect my moves before the kinda disciplined “the lyfe” starts in earnest.

Don’t worry though fan, our antics will continue all winter. As I am sure we will have a few Mo-town winter camps and heck the first races start in Feburary, damn that’s soon. And of course, I am sure the Shogren’s will give us a detailed account of their journey to KC, ehm!!!

BFF Jackie!!!

So that’s that, watch out DC I have two weeks to raise holy hell. You know me, a beer while Facebooking, F-ing crazy!!!!

If you missed any of the 08 campaign read the archives. Truly Inspirational!!

Big ole thanks and shout outs...
Uncle Rob, Uncle Matt, and Cannondale
The peeps that put on the NUE races and series especially Chrissy Scott.
Our mate and dieting lil buddy JR for putting on a kick arse WVMBA series. Don't let them get you down.
To all that get out there and do it up.
Our Fan, you rock!!!
Da Shogren's: Kick Ass in KC!!!!
BFF Jackie for waking me up way too early when I stay at the summer race home in Mo-town

"May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face" and may your wheels always find it safely back to the ground.


Kyle Jones said...

You are awesome. Man to have a season like that and to end it with a smile is just inspiring. Come to think of it I am a type B guy trying to be a type A.

Btw I would not think you would have problems with the ladies. Come on dude. You should do some drawings like you did at chick hang out. Your in could be by asking to do a free portrait of them. And then draw them up a smily. That would work dude.

Tomi said...
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Tomi said...

ha, didn't like the way that was orignally worded.."a"?

anyways, bring that 9yr old's book to Meeshow in the spring.....