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Saturday, December 6, 2008

No C-Ville for us!

What a hunk!!!

We missed the Va. CX finals today for a number of reasons. The biggest we are all tired. The saddest part is not missing another race but that we won't be getting a sweet T-shirt with the picture of that hunky fella on it.

Tomorrow we will be at Reston CX which will be the official end of the season for me but really it ended at the last MTB race back in September. The Shogren's will be headed out to KC for nationals before pulling the plug on 08 season. I am sure they will be coming home with at least 2 Stars and Stripes or the beatings will be O-plenty.

If there are any extra Va. finals Tee's bring them on over to Reston tomorrow. I am sure they will be worth a lot. That hunk might even sign a few.

Oh, we wanted to give a big ole public thanks to the good folks that put on the NUE series and their nice sponsors Smith and Nephew for the sweet and unexpected early Christmas gifts that Betsy and I received in the mail. You guys rock and are doing great things to keep our sport and passion alive.

See every one tomorrow. Dress warm, ride hard and have smiles.

PEACE Chrissy

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