Hanging out, ready to sing some Blues

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Help Wanted: Do to our amazing cycling prowess ¾ of Team Bi-atch have been drafted to do The 24hours of Big Bear. The problem is this, none of us have lights. So your donations and loans would be greatly appreciated. This can be used as a charitable deduction on next year’s taxes too. Please contact us if you can help.

Help Wanted for Goose only: For the 24 Hours of Big Bear an assistant that can give a mean back and leg massage, who “smells good, eats little and is light”, type 60 words per minute, patch tubes, likes beer and who will tell me how great I am riding (even if she doesn’t mean it). Could become a full time position with room for serious career growth.

Thanks in advance!

Love Goose (aka Chrissy) and Team Bi-atch


gwadzilla said...

I have decade old lights
they are heavy and dim... much like myself


they are yours to borrow if nothing else surfaces

crs said...

Thanks Joel!!!!