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Monday, April 7, 2008

PowderPuff Update

First off, good work to Goose on his recent exploits. Thanks for the update.

Attention all you single women out there: Did you see that picture of the young Goose? That is a mighty cute little gosling if you ask me.

Here's the PowderPuff update from America's Dairyland (Wisconsin)-- Having fancy hair and make-up is really not for everybody, especially this Bi-atch. Also, for some people, "looking tough for the camera" is easier than it is for others. Definitely not one of PowderPuff's talents, but definitely a pretty neat experience nonetheless...

In any case, my fellow Bi-atches will be happy to note that a strong Bi-atch tradition was upheld, even on a solo Bi-atch mission. Bi-atchs heart PBR.

Unfortunately, despite the short visit to Trek, there were no long-lost Freddie sightings.

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