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Saturday, April 5, 2008


We have not been too diligent with our race updates here at Team Bi-atch head quarters but I figured I would add a few updates to keep the fans happy.

Well, the Tour of California was a wash. Director Spotiff has been skipping his Alzheimer's medication and he really dropped the ball on our travel plans. Bunny has been trying to crush them up in his morning coffee but they seem to loose some of their effect when mixed with caffeine.

After all the doping fiasco’s going on in the ProTour over in Euro land we have decided to stay on the domestic circuit for the 08’ campaign. Also, some of you may not know this but we at Team Bi-atch are also full time revolutionaries and with all these presidential elections going on we have decided also that it would be a good idea to be close by just in case we need to take care of some anarchist revolutionary business when we are not racing, training or drinking beer.

Back to some racing: This Bi-atch has headed up to the land of the Amish and Landis on two occasion’s. Director Sportif has put me in charge of the Mid-Atlantic region so I have been making a go of it mostly on my own. I am afraid to report bad things though. At Strasburg, Pa. I flatted and at Kirkwood I rode like a fat kid. I was pleased to see fellow Bi-atch and comrade MikeY at Kirkwood. He did not ride like a fat kid, good job Mike!!! Its also good hear that your swimmers work too-Congrats!!

Easter Sunday brought most of the heathens back together for our first team race. Bunny: aka. Powderpuff aka Betsy, Director Sportif aka PJ aka old as dirt aka Gunnar and myself Goose aka Chris all headed up to were all the Team Bi-atch madness started circa 1997 in the Steel City. It was a pretty bitchn’ crit in down town Pittsburgh. Over the bridges and through the woods all under the cities sky line. It was pretty darn cool. It was also Jackie’s debut to racing and she kicked butt. We all raced well: Powerpuff 2nd, PJ 1st old man 9-10th overall and Goose 17-18th overall. It was an enjoyable Easter weekend which ended with some pizza on the strip. Team Bi-atch was happy.

Today this Bi-atch headed out to fly the colors up in Walkersville, Md to do a 72 mile RR. I heart 3pm starts!! I made many attempts to get Director Sportif to come but I was unable to. Perhaps with Powderpuff away doing a modeling gig the Director is having trouble finding his keys. Anyway I raced. It was going well. I was up near the front most of the day. I did not make any stud moves but I also wasn’t back in the fat kid smoking section either. I was happy until 2 to go when there was big ole wreck in front of me at 25 MPH, oh boy, oh great!! I dodged left, I dodged right, I thought I was clear and bam I was lying on a DCvelo fella. My recently operated thumb landed in his spokes, ouch, but for the most part I seem ok!! I hope the DCvelo guy is ok too and all the others that went down. I did not see any ambulances so I expect every one was able to walk away. That’s good!! I chased my little heart out but was not able to catch back on. I was tenacious though, no DNF just a DFL probably. I am happy I rode well not happy to crash!! I don’t heart crashing at 25MPH.

Tomorrow Tyson’s Corner. I heart 4pm start even more. Stay tuned for up dates.

Next weekend we hit the dirt with our fancy new Cannondale’s. Thanks Rob and Cannondale you rock!!

Get out there ride, have fun and ride some more. It is cathartic ya know...better then _______ I have heard! I would not know though I ride my bike too much…damn it, that happened in High school too!! Some things never change.

No photo’s from the 08’ campaign but here I am in the circa 1980 campaign.

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gwadzilla said...

FAIRHILL this weekend!

go get some dirt on that pretty white bike!