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Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost member contact and sighting!

Afters years and months of searching, relaying messages via pigeons, and almost giving up...

Freddie Stouffer has been seen (well digitally at least) and spoken to!
This is good news.

He also tells me that he has started riding again on a cross bike that his reps/dealers got him for X-mas a few years back.
He says that he uses it for his road, mountain, and cross riding. Just like back in the days at Milbury, MA, CCCP #2. Nothing But Cross.

And he's gotten a little filled in and I'm pretty sure those are fellow riders there too-

Sadly the only action shot that the Bi-atch CyberBorg system was able to take was him playing kickball out in the ghettos of Madison, WI, but hey, it's a start-

Good to see you in action there Freddie, now get some shots of the pooch on the saddle and/or one in your wife-beater, like the rest of the clan.

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crs said...

Time to get the race wagon running again and begin Pittsburgh crit domination !! Hanging young Freddie's drawer's on the flag pole will be fun too. Viva La Team Bi-atch ...coming to soccer game near you soon!